Introductions- Part One of Two

Before starting any posts I want to introduce you to the 9 ferals I feed regularly. Since I will be referring to them by name it will be much easier for me to list who is who and which colony they belong to in one handy dandy place! Correction, two handy-dandy places. In attempts to make the posts a little more readable, I have broken it into two posts, one for each colony.

Home Colony (a.k.a. The Girls)

Momma Kitty–  she was my first catch;  has been with me since summer of 2008 and was trapped in September of that year. She was preceeded only by one cat who most likely was someones pet cat. Mama has been with me the longest but is still the shyest of my home colony. She waits on my deck every night, and is responsible for spreading the word about me to the rest of her colony.  She is clearly bonded to me but at the same time wants as little as possible to do with me.  A beautiful white with brown tabby girl, she is short, roundish and stocky.

My favorite story involving her comes from the first summer she came around, and also explain how she got her name. It was late at night and I heard some commotion on my deck. I look out and see a huge raccoon, then, as my eyes adjusted to the light I see Mommy kitty fighting the raccoon.  I did what I could to distract the raccoon, and eventually he ran away. Unfortunately so did Mommy. She jumped down and behind her, hiding under the grill, came four or five kittens.  I was simultaneously amazed at how brave she was, touched she felt safe enough to bring the kittens around for food, disturbed that the raccoon was trying to get the kittens and flustered that there were kittens.

Little Black– is, you guessed it, a black cat (with a tiny white locket on her throat)!  An original name, I know, almost as original as “mommy”.  Though, at one point she was named “Romana” but that name sorta fell away. She was the

Little Black with Mommy. Lil' Black doesn't take good pictures

second kitty to come ’round. Possibly Mommy’s baby, possibly her sister, she is very attached to Mommy. Little Black is an interesting little girl.  She is the loudest of the three kitties; she frequently starts talking the second I open the door.  Of the three girls she is the one I can get closest to touching.  If I stick my fingers under the fence and wiggle them her face lights up with curiosity before she trots over to them, stretches her head as far as she can to just barely sniff me. When she realizes it is just me, that meddling human who keeps trying to touch her, she gently (claws in) but firmly smacks my hand. It almost reminds me of a mom smacking her kids hands away from the breakables in the store.

Little Black, like Mommy Kitty, has the distincitve “compact cat” look going on. She also has a distinctive trot and her joy for life is apparent from just a few minutes watching her.  She has more bounce in her step than any person I know. Her distinctive trot is how I was able to identify her when, after not coming around for several days, she appeared for dinner–with my other colony, a block away.

Fluffy Butt- The last one to “join” the colony. She made occassional appearences for almost a year before suddenly deciding to come by regularly.  Fluffy Butt, formerly known as Donna Noble, used to only appear late at night and would run at the mere sight of a person, then one day appeared on the steps to our pool around 3pm. My inside cats went berzerk.  Since then Fluffy Butt is regularly the first to show up for dinner and can frequently be seen hanging around in the middle of the day. Much to my dismay she has taken a liking for both the neighbors’ yards.  My beautiful, fluffy gray tabby with white toes and muzzle, doesn’t let me touch her but I can get within arms length. My dream is to one day be able to pet her.  Even though she is fluffy enough for two or three cats (sometimes we mistake her for a raccoon at first glance).

She is always waiting just outside the door for me, looking adorable. When I talk to her she responds with the tiniest breathy “mew.”

Papa– I can’t technically classify him in this colony as he doesn’t stay anywhere longer than he needs to. I am still working on catching this very crafty tom cat.  He appears when and where he wants. Sometimes he just passes through, other times he stops by for a munch, but disappears the second I even think about coming outside.

There was a fourth kitty for maybe 8 months, Tuxey, or Captain Jack

Tuxey man!

[Harkness].  He disapeared for several weeks this summer, reappeared for a week and a half, then disapeared for, what I assume, is good. I miss him horribly. He was a crazy boy and rather friendly. I was able to pet him after just a few months. I was so close to trying to socialize him too. I don’t know what happened to him, I can only hope that it was something good, though I know the odds are stacked against him. He was a foolish cat, the epitome of the old saying “curiosity killed the cat.”

In the next post I will introduce you to The Garage Kitties (aka the kids or the kittens).  Five kittens and mama, my most recent catches. They are the most adorable and friendliest cats yet!


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