Introductions Part Two

I acquired my second colony completely by accident. I was driving to work one day when I saw a cluster of unfamiliar cats, upon closer look most of them turned out to be kittens.   One was limping, so I stopped the car, got out and tried to get the kitty to come to me.  Instead they all ran into the garage and I recognized one of them as the cat I had been trying to trap for months.  I wasn’t sure how many there were in the garage, but I knew it required, what to me was, a massive trapping. I had never trapped more than one cat at a time before.  Below are the six cats that I caught and now care for.

The Garage Cats (a.k.a. The Kittens/The Kids)

Little Mommy

Little Mommy- As I said above, I noticed a kitty I had been trying to trap for some time.  When she first showed up she was a rather young girl, young adult/older kitten and I tried socializing her (at least I think she’s the same cat). As much as she enjoyed playing with the Cat Charmer under the fence she wouldn’t actually let me get close to her. Then this past spring she showed up out of the blue quite pregnant.  She disappeared just as suddenly and I was unable to figure out where she lived in time to trap her. She originally got the name Little Mommy because she looks like my Momma Kitty.  It’s obviously an appropriate name now, since she has five kittens of her own. She is a tiny girl, long and lean with a great bounce in her step.  She was named Nyssa for a while, but when it became clear she wasn’t going to socialize, I went back to Little Mommy. When the weather is warmer she likes to follow me the block or so from her garage to my house to get extra food.  She is a great girl and seems to want attention. She will mew and arch her back, rubbing along fences, garages and garbage cans as if she wants pets, but scurrying away the second I try to approach, only to start again the second I stop approaching.  She has gratefully condescended to let me rub her back while she eats. But only once and a while and only when she eats.

David (formerly Clom)– The most ridiculous, demanding and sometimes friendly kitten.  One of

David/Clom. Look at how handsome he is!

three black and white kittens. He is generally waiting for me when I come over to feed. He likes to sit under this particular truck and run into the street when he hears me. He then stands in the middle of the road and screams at thetop of his lungs,presumably  so I know he is hungry. He loves to run between my legs as I walk to the feeding station.  He eats out of the dish as I dish the food and will eat off the spoon if I let him. I can pet him but it has to be rubs down his back, no scratching, and only from behind. If I try to scratch, or my hand comes too close to his head he will nip at me.  Definitely the kitten with the most personality.

I was hoping I could take him in and socialize him. I had everything all set up for him, and spent countless hours sitting outside with the kittens talking to them and playing with a laser pointer.  When I finally tried to bring him inside he went completely feral on me. I managed to pick him up and put him in a cat carrier. I got him inside and he started tearing back and forth, up and down, frantic to get out of the carrier. So I let him out.  I have not given up on him though, I hope one day he can maybe learn that inside is a good thing.


Banakafalata- but goes by  Bana or sometimes Ana. She is a sweet girl who is not quite sure about me but likes to share quiet squeaks. She runs circles around me, well really the entire sidewalk where I feed them, when I come out to feed.  Her tail is always straight up in the air with just the tip crooked to the side. Recently she started to allow me to gently touch her back while she eats.  She is getting braver around me and has started to occasionally sneak up to the food bowl while I am dishing up dinner.  She seems to stick pretty close to her sister Adipose.

Adipose, note the all white face.

Adipose- Cautious but curious about me, she usually joins her sister in running circles around me when I feed, but doesn’t let me even get within touching distance.  She makes sure to hide whenever other people are around.  Very attached to her sister Banakafalata. Very quite girl but not as quiet as her last two brothers.

Shadow Architect- goes by Shadow when I see him.  He is a solid black kitty who is very nervous and shy.  He always has to stay several feet away from me and hardly ever joins in eating when everyone else is, usually because there is no room.  When I was spending my evenins trying to socialize them he would sit a good four feet away from me, hiding in the shadows just watching. He always has at least two clear exit routes planned. He usually keeps to the shaodows, which works extra well for him and his black coloring. Recently he has decided he doesn’t always need to run away when I come over, only sometimes, which is great progress.

Poosh– The last, but not least, of this family is also the shyest.  He is hardly ever seen, except for the white tip of his brown tabby tail. He looks a lot like his mom, but has more brown on him.  He will not eat if I am around, but might stick his head out of the garage. He loves to play with the laser pointer though.  I doubt Poosh or Shadow Archietect will ever be socialized, they are just too shy and nervous. They are “proper” feral cats. Both are too shy to let me take their pictures.

I am already worried about these six come spring and summer. They enjoy taking to the neighbors’ yards and not all the neighbors are accepting of that. I have already had one lady confront me about them, so I am looking into other options for these babies.


2 thoughts on “Introductions Part Two

  1. Kristi Polus says:

    Are you still saving cats & kittens thru TNR? We’ve just discovered colony in our neighborhood….which has never heard of TNR, it appears the neighbors are less than thrilled:( If you are still actively blogging-would love to hear how you handled neighbors!!

    Thaks a ton-in advance

    • Katie says:

      Hi Kristi. Sorry for my long delayed response! Dealing with neighbors can be tricky!! I would suggest checking out Alley Cat Allies website to read up on what they have to say. They should also be able to direct you to a local resource to help you deal with the neighbors. The best advice I can offer is be calm, patient and open minded (even when they aren’t!) Try your best to listen to their concerns and respond with information to counter their fear. Good luck!

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