Another Project

A few weeks ago I caught sight of a new cat. Well I can’t really say new, considering this was the third time I’ve seen him. He appears every few weeks and I just catch a glimpse of him.

New Cat

I find him in different places every time.  And whenever I see him it’s only for a few seconds before he disappears for a few more weeks.  While I can’t get very close to him I have a feeling he is already neutered, he has the post-neutering flab that house cats tend to develop as they age. Which makes me wonder if he is a pet cat allowed outside or if he is someone’s abandoned house cat.  Of course I won’t know for sure until I trap him, and even then it might be hard to know if he is socialized. He seems very nervous whenever he sees a person, but that doesn’t mean he was abandoned.

The same week I saw him I discovered two new, very fluffy cats who are clearly related to my Fluffy Butt.  Since I don’t know where these cats live and I depend on them coming to me, it is hard to know just how many more there might actually be. It makes it harder to trap cats, because its even on more on their schedule.  Since I am tired of finding new cats and wondering if there are kittens anywhere,  I finally decided its time to scout out these other cats and get the neighbors involved.  So I went ordered some of these lovely door hangers from Alley Cat Allies.  (For a close up of what the hanger says see the PDF here .

They came in the mail today!

In the next week I will start putting these up on the doors of my neighbors’ houses. I am glad that I have an idea of what block the cats are in, it will save me some time and effort and maybe some angry neighbors.  My concern has always been in dealing with the neighbors, I am afraid of getting someone who just doesn’t want the cats around and decides to call Animal Control on the cats before I have a chance to trap and microchip them.  I was lucky enough to have my friend Meg from Chicagoland Stray Cat Coalition offer to let me put her organizations’ name and phone number for the contact information, which will lend it some more credibility I hope, and make anyone who is feeding them less concerned about me stealing the cats, etc.

So I now have two projects to fill what time school doesn’t take up: relocating the garage kitties and trapping “new” cats in the neighborhood with tips from my neighbors. These cats certainly make my life interesting.


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