Nothing Very Exciting

I realized today that it’s been close to two weeks since my last post. I was hoping to keep more current on this, but there has been nothing going on the past week to write about.  Sure there was the snow storm that dumped a foot of snow on us, but compared to what the east cost got, it seemed rather trivial. Of course my girls didn’t particularly like it, since it limited escape routes from my yard. Watching their small fuzzy selves walk down my sidewalk  I did get the feeling they were being matched down a long tunnel of doom, or some such thing, seeing as they could not get their usual escape under the fence into the neighbor’s yard, darting across the lawn or ducking out on the far side of the deck  to circle around the pool.  And the Garage Cats, well it was so deep when the little ones ran around all you could see was the tips of their ears and tails. Poor things.

Otherwise there hasn’t been much eventful happenings here to actually write about.  The most exciting thing to happen recently was the arrival of my very own Tru Catch trap and trap divider! I had been considering purchasing one for some time now, but never really needed to as I always had access to them at my job. Now that I no longer work  it is less convenient for me to borrow traps from them, so I finally caved and purchased one of my own. It feels good to have one, I feel a little more ‘serious’ about the whole process, a little more professional.  Having my own trap gives me a little more freedom, one less thing to worry about when juggling my schedule, and, more importantly, I have one in case one of my ferals ever has a medical emergency.

As for my two projects (relocating Garage Kitties and flyering neighbors) , well I have gotten a bit behind on them as well as on my school work, due to a lack of motivation (and surplus of snow). Now that the snow is melting and the motivation is kicking into gear again, I hope to be back in action soon.  I have plans to start trapping again next Thursday, which will hopefully warrant a new post.

‘Till then.


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