The Great Relocation

The great relocation is underway.  I started trapping them yesterday morning, and it was a day long event! I woke up and met up with their morning feeder, Veronica, to start catching them with their breakfast.  I knew that it was going to take a few shots at getting these guys, since they are all trap savvy already, but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite this crazy.  Since all the traps don’t fit in my car, I had to play car swap with my mom for her SUV.  I was covering the upholstery with an old sheet to keep it clean when my mom comes out to tell me I need to get a plastic liner in case they pee. I try to explain to her that they won’t pee, they won’t be in the car long enough, and they will have several inches of newspaper between them and the car. But that’s not good enough, so I send her back inside to find something, since I was already late to meet Veronica and still had to load the traps and towels and plates and food into the car.  After everything is loaded up I go over to the cats.

I get there, two seconds later, and the first thing I see is David sitting in the sun, on the corner of the garage roof! I ask him what he’s doing and he just sits there, completely unconcerned about the two people now talking to him.  When he senses all the commotion he hops down to check out what we are doing.  Since the cats are used to eating in the backyard I decided to try setting up traps in the yard and we brought them all out at once. Bad idea.  Bad, bad idea. I knew immediately it was a bad idea, but by that point it was too late. It was also hard since there were two people and we were setting things up in plain view of the cats, also a bad decision. After a bit of a melee where cats would eat just the trail of food before backing out, I reverted to my original plan, and set up one trap at a time along the side of the garage where it was quiet and away from all the people. After Veronica left for work it was just me, some cats and some traps. That was when I caught the first two. Just two. No one else would go in, no one else would even go near the trap. So I cut my losses and headed out with two confused, unhappy kitties.   I do a quick run to the store for some uber stinky cat food. Then, here was my second bad decision, go back out to try trapping them again in the middle of the day.

I did catch a baby, but Mommy saw me take her baby away and totally freaked out on me, running up and down the sidewalk mewing for her baby. I tried using baby as bait but that didn’t work. So I finally packed it in and took Banakafalata home. I trapped Mommy that night with the lure of catnip, only after they had a cat nip party around the trap, Mommy, Shadow and Poosh had encircled the trap and were staring at it.  Papa had been around a few times sniffing at the trap, poking his paws in and finally spraying it.  That was special.  Then there were the three or so other cats that kept running in and out of the garage. More cats to catch! I really hope I don’t need to find a home for them too!

Tonight we pulled out the drop trap and immediately caught the two remaining boys. Unfortunately, Poosh managed to squeeze his way under the bottom of the trap and slip out, disappearing back into the garage and refusing to show his face.

I will have pictures, more detailed trapping stories and relocation stories Monday. It turns out I am taking the cats down to Springfield tomorrow after all! Well here is to an adventure! (Oh and please excuse any typos, grammar issues or spelling mistakes. It’s 11pm. I have been up since 5:30, spent the past three hours trying to trap cats and have an 8-10 hour drive ahead of me tomorrow.)


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