Update and a Different Kind of Relocation

So it’s been two weeks since I first started trapping the Garage Kitties for relocation, and Poosh is still out there on his own. It was extra hard to find him this past week due to the rainy weather here. I have not actually seen him since Monday for a very brief period of time. I was in my car looking for the can of food and when I looked up he had disappeared. Tuesday I went over to feed him and introduce the trap but after waiting for 15 minutes he didn’t show, then I realized a raccoon had stolen the plate of food. It was so hard being out there and not even seeing him. I figure he heard the trap while I was trying to load it with cat nip and decided he was going to stay where he was. Poor little guy.  Yesterday I set a trap up in the yard of the garage where he lives. It’s open so he can go in and out (hopefully). I sprayed it with liquid catnip, filled the inside with catnip and put a plate of super stinky food near by. I wasn’t able to hang around and watch for him last night, so I don’t know if anything productive has come out of it. Tonight is trapping night though. I will sit out there waiting for some sign of Poosh, some sign that he is at least still alive and living in that garage.  I also have to trap another cat for my spay/neuter appointment tomorrow.

The hopelessness is starting to take over though. I am so close to giving up on him, which I just simply can’t do. But life is starting to take over again–school, friends, homework, job search, etc.–and it is really hard to find enough spare hours to spend sitting in my car, waiting for this insanely scared and stubborn cat.  He has become so much more resourceful in the past two weeks. Well, maybe resourceful isn’t the right word. Shy, sly, crafty, something along those lines would work better. He used to follow his mom around everywhere, hang out with his siblings, now he is out there on his own, terrified of what may be his main food source, and he has become much more wary and crafty as a result.  I used to have a gaggle of cats come running at dinner time, all I had to do was make a clicking/kissy type noise and they would come running. It doesn’t work on him anymore. He won’t show. My poor little man.  I can’t give up on him, but it is so hard to stay focused on something that is so far out of reach when there are so many more things that need my attention.

Now, on to a different note. As I mentioned earlier I am in the midst of a job search. I realized that a blog address of “easilydistractedgirl” is probably not going to do much for my application. So, in hopes of sounding slightly more focused and professional, I created a new blog and will be moving the content of this one over there. By the end of the month I will be blogging over here, for anyone who may have actually bookmarked my site or subscribed to my RSS feed. If you have been reading this off my links on Facebook then nothing will change for you.


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