Long Overdue Update

I realize it has been far too long since I last updated. I apologize. So many things have been  going on lately and so few of  them actually focus on the cats, amazing as that may be.  I have had no luck with Poosh. He has disappeared. Hopefully moved on to a new garage, ’cause there has been no sign of him the past week or so. It breaks my heart thinking about him alone out there and I just hope he is safe and alright. I called the owner of the garage about the possibility of actually looking inside the garage, but have not received a return call, so I will be calling him back this week.

I also have to call Nancy for an update about how the relocated cats are doing. They have been out of their cages for almost two weeks now, if I am keeping my days straight (which there is a good chance I am not). It’s been about a month since they moved down there.

Lately I have been feeling so useless with the feral cats. I can’t catch Poosh, let alone find him. I have tried trapping recently and not a single cat has come by. None of the people I call back about cats in the neighborhood return my calls. School and a job search have taken over my days and all my energy. I feel that I am failing the cats.  I just think about them all out there, all the intact cats running around, making kittens. All the unwanted babies that will be out there, growing up to be feral and continue the cycle, or will end up in shelters, leaving less space for adult cats. I keep thinking of all the suffering that results from one extra litter of kittens. And I just can’t take it.  I have gotten to the point of caring so much I have to block it out. I have found myself simply ignoring the problem, pretending like there aren’t a bunch of cats down the block from me, simply because I cannot process it all right now. Not with school, not with the lack of money, all the other non-cat stuff in my life and the spectacular failure with Poosh.  So many things I want to do to help the cats, and so little that I am actually doing.


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