How is a Cat like a Dandelion?

Even with the warm summer weather we have been having in Chicago lately, Flufy Butt is still losing her winter coat. She has lost most of her winter coat by now, being so fluffy and all, but, on that same note, there is more to go.

There is something almost pathetic about her as she trudges around, large clumps of fur dangling from her body.  When she was in the middle of the Great De-Furring, as I like to call it, she would appear in the yard, a large cowlick sticking up from her back, knots hanging from her side and chest. It was painful to look at.

Around the same time she started to really shed her winter coat, she decided to take up residence on our deck during the mornings.  Sometimes she would still be there in the morning, curled up on a deck chair in the sun.  Other times the only sign she had been there were large clumps of gray fur deposited on her preening chair, or scattered across the deck.

The results of a particularly fruitful morning of preening

As the weeks went by,  the clumps accumulated until one day she was about half the cat she used to be. She was a skinny minnie! If I hadn’t seen the shedding process, and known just how fluffy she was, I would have been concerned she was sick or something.

She still has one layer or so of underfluff to lose, and there are trails of hair hanging off her sides.There were times when she had so much fur falling off her that it would knot up, and she would have big mats flopping around on her sides. I knew I would never be allowed to comb or shave them off, but I couldn’t resist trying to help them along.  She allows me to get close enough to touch her now, though I am still forbidden from actually, ya know, touching her. But I was hoping I might be able to get a quick yank one of the mats. She had other ideas.

Now that I have written that I realize “quick yank on one of the mats” sounds really, really mean. It’s not. I have experience that on shy, long haired kitties, if the mat of fur is lose enough and you grab it, the motion of the cat running the other way helps ease the mat out. If it’s not lose enough, well then maybe the cat feels a slight tug, nothing worse than when you get a comb stuck in your hair.

If pictures did her fur loss justice I would have comparison shots up here in a second, but they don’t.  I am sure you can all imagine it though, especially if you have ever seen a long-haired cat.  She was almost like a dandelion blossom—all puffy and soft one moment, then POOF! and suddenly  there is nothing left but the stem.


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