I Saved Three Lives Tonight

The kitten socialization process begins now. After a horrible day of stress brought about by getting last minute supplies for kittens and trapping anxiety (sort of like performance anxiety I guess),  it was finally time to trap.  I got three kittens right off the bat. I walked in to the yard and three kittens were hanging around, looking at me for their dinner. No sign of mom or the injured tail kitten though. But the three who were there helped me set the traps, put food down and all that lovely stuff. One was so hungry he/she tried to eat the can lid. Poor dear.

Yet unnamed black kitten hiding behind his box.

The black and white one I named Pendragon was the first in, I was able to shut the trap on him myself, I was that close. Second was the little tux kitten, who has yet to be named. The final one was the little black baby with the horrible eye infection. I thought I wasn’t going to get him, he kept going into one of the large Have a Heart traps and backing out, apparently he’s too light to set it off. Then the neighbor started using his leaf blower and I thought for sure eye infection kitten was going to bolt, but apparently hunger was too much.

So, after all the stress and anxiety, trapping went relatively smoothly. I caught everyone I saw. And a raccoon, whom I did not see. I left one set trap in the yard with the hopes of catching mom, I thought maybe she will come out if I am gone.  When I came back I realized the trap was closed and shaking. Look inside and I see a big ol’ terrified raccoon. If mom and tail kitten were around, I am sure they were scared off by the raccoon, since I saw no signs of them. After freeing the raccoon I decided to call it a night,

since there were no signs of the other cats and it was almost too dark to see anything. Perhaps I should have waited a little longer, but there were no signs of the other two and I had other kittens to work with, other things to do. And besides, I have only ever seen mom cat at exactly 6pm.

Pendragon getting comfortable

Things are much calmer for me now, I have two kittens set up in dog crates where they are hiding in their little boxes, giving me terrified looks but slowly settling in. The third is in a trap overnight until I can figure out what to do for medical care on his/her eye and if I will need a kitten to lure out mom cat. I hate keeping him/her in there  longer than necessary, but I don’t dare risk handling him or her in the next day or two. Though they are allowing me to just barely touch them with the tips of my fingers, so it shouldn’t be too long before I can handle them. I don’t want to rush things though!

Tomorrow begins the heavy work, cleaning and rearranging their cages, moving them around so all three can see each other, reading my homework to them so they get used to people. And the food socialization. At least they already associate me with food, so I have a good start with them.

In other feral cat news,  I also had a sighting of my Poosh, the handsome boy I had to leave behind when his family moved down state. He looks so big, handsome and very well fed. Gotta do another neighborhood flyering I think!


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