Adventures Nursing Feral Kittens Back to Health

My goodness has it really been a week and a half since I last posted about the kittens?  I had hoped to document the socialization of the kittens, but they have been creating so much work for me that there just hasn’t been time to care for them, take care of all my other responsibilities and blog. Instead I will have to do a summary of my progress with them so far.

Last I wrote, I had just caught them and they were cowering in their cages. I was still looking for the fourth kitten and mom, but had three kittens. I

Cradling Morgan Le Fay after treatments. She was purring.

went back out Thursday evening and there were no signs of mom or the missing baby with a tail injury. I think that, sadly, something has happened to him or her. I can only hope that mom, who has also shown no signs of appearing, has sequestered the poor baby someplace safe. Unfortunately there hasn’t been another chance for me to check for mom because I was nursing a very sick kitten back to health.

Of the three kittens I mentioned one had a very bad eye infection. I took her to the veterinarian I work for the day after catching her and got her on some drugs, but over the next few days she got worse and worse. Her eye got even redder and more swollen, it started to ooze and became crusted together to the point where I had to hold a warm compress to her eye so she could open it. Then she stopped eating. So I had to start force feeding her. Force feeding a kitten is no fun, but force feeding a terrified kitten is even less fun. Fortunately for me Morgan Le Fay, as she came to be known, was so weak she couldn’t find the energy to fight me, so I was able to hold her enough to get some food and medicine in her. For the better part of last week I was forcing food and medicine down her throat and twice daily getting medicine into her eye. She even went into the kitty emergency room last Wednesday when she looked like crap, when she got stronger medicines. Then suddenly, one night I went to force feed her and she was so responsive, sucking the food right out of the syringe. She then started eating the watered down A/D food on her own, which was a great relief.

Vivan (left) and Pendragon (right) enjoy the comforts of domestic life

Then, just as Morgan was starting to get better her  brother and sister, Pendragon and Vivan (a misspelled variation of Vivian, the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian mythology), started getting  sick, they were running around sneezing violently, with slightly runny eyes. Then one day Pendragon decided he did not want to eat, and I had to start force feeding him. Some very stressful days there trying to get kittens healthy and thriving again. That doesn’t even include the socializing! Fortunately Vivan and Pendragon were quick to warm up to me, and Morgan at the least warmed up to me enough to let me touch her and hold her.

With the exception of Morgan, who is right on the brink of completely socializing, they are doing really well. In fact as I write this little Vivan is sitting in my lap playing with my necklace. Earlier today I had Pendragon and Vivan curled up on my shoulders, purring and cuddling and demanding attention.

They are doing so well and have been admitted to Tree House Humane Society as foster kittens. I will be fostering them until they are done with their treatments and ready to go on to the adoption floor.  I have a few more months of socializing them and caring for them, it is going to be so hard to see them leave. But I am just trying to remember how lucky they are to have been rescued, espcially with the wind and the horrible hurricane like storms we had yesterday. The storms combined with their colds, these little ones would never have survived. And when they are ready they are going to one of the best shelters possible, where they will stay until they find the perfect forever homes.


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