Beautiful Weather Means Lots of Neighbors, and Few Cats

I am back in the saddle again. The blogging and trapping saddles; can I be back in the saddles? Anyway, I just got back inside from attempting to trap a long elusive cat.  While I didn’t have any luck catching him, or even seeing him, I did get to check on the progress of a few of my previous catches. It was good to see my lost little Poosh as a big strong adult kitty. I am still traumatized by his sad, desperate cries of confusion when I took his mom and siblings. I also saw a beautiful gray tabby who I think was my Marius.

It was good to see past catches and see them doing well. Since I don’t have a set location on these cats, I don’t have a set feeding time for them. I do what I can to feed them, but it doesn’t always work well. So I frequently end up wondering about them and their fate. It’s a hard life out there, for the  cats and their rescuers.

I spent several hours waiting for a glimpse of Mr. K, my elusive boy who used to be an infrequent visitor to my yard. He has shown twice in the weeks since we built a six foot fence, which is a story for another post. There was no sign of Mr. K, but, as I mentioned there were lots of signs of other cats. And it was refreshing to see cats and know that I had already caught them.; as opposed to the past when I would see cats and add them to the list of ones to cah.

Of course I can’t attempt to trap without finding a “new” cat. This time it was a young cat, no more than 6 months old. A skinny little black and white cow kitty. He has fittingly been dubbed Cow. The first time I saw Cow he was trotting down the street, the wrong way. I lost sight of him when some neighbors came out. Half an hour later, after no sign of cats, I spotted him when I got out of the car to sprinkle the trap with the almighty catnip. He trotted over, discovered some food outside the trap, ate that and stared at the trap. Everytime it looked like he was going to approach the trap, someone would open their door, or go past on a motorcycle, or something loud and scary. He eventually decided the trap was not for him and trotted down the sidewalk, making sure to look at me in the car before scurrying away.

Even though I didn’t catch anyone I would consider this a successful night. I was reminded why I trap. It was wonderful seeing some of the cats I have trapped, just knowing that I helped them. For a few minutes I also had the rush of trapping, without the success. That adrenaline rush when I am waiting for the cat to go in, when I am mentally yelling at him to just go in, cheering him on in my head, that is a wonderful feeling. Perhaps it is wrong of me to get such a rush, but I do, and I love it. And being reminded of that has helped remind me why I trap. I trap not just because it is the right thing to do, not just because I feel guilty if I don’t, but for that rush. For the moment of the catch, the thrill of emotions that comes with the catch (joy, adrenaline, pride, and empathy for the cat) and the thrill of release!


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