The Stories Rescuers Tell Themselves

I have issues with the garage down the street. It keeps providing me with cats. Cats that I do not want to care for, but whom I always end up caring for and falling in love with. Last month, when I was trying to trap one of my elusive boys,  when I discovered a new cat. I mentioned him in a previous post. Cow was a stinker who almost went in the trap but didn’t then made

The infamous garage. Note the pick up truck that hasn't moved in years.

sure to look at me when he trotted past the car. I decided to try getting Cow on a regular feeding schedule in hopes of making trapping him easier. It has taken me several weeks to get a schedule set for both of us. He now gets fed  between 7 and 8:30 at night. And this past week I think he has started to realize that I provide a regular meal.

One of the first things I do when I start feeding on a regular schedule is to try assessing for age and temperament. A handsome black and white cat, Cow is probably a little too old to be socialized. He seems to be somewhere around a year old. He is nervous but curious. A very eager eater! He learns quickly too, as I stated above he seems to have latched on to this idea of regular meals. Sometime when I first started feeding him, probably about the time I took a guess at his age, it occurred to me that Cow might be related to the kittens I pulled last fall and fostered.  He looks so much like Pendragon, my little black and white boy (not that this means much, lots of b&w’s in this neighborhood) and he looks the same age. When I trapped

A very blurry Cow.

Pendragon. His face is the same shape as Cow's and I think their eyes are similar.

Pendragon, Morgan LeFay and Vivain, I missed their brother, a handsome black and white kitten with a tail injury. Now I don’t know if their “lost” sibling was a boy, nor do I know if Cow really is from the same litter (his tail does, from a distance, appear to have any damage to it).

But thinking he is their brother makes me a little happier. It puts me at ease a bit, thinking that the kitten whose fate I have so long wondered about might just have survived a tail injury and a very harsh winter. Stranger things have happened.

So here is to Cow, the kitten who may have survived; and to the stories we tell ourselves to get through the day, and make the work we do a little easier.


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