Being a cat magnet

I have said it before and I will say it again. I attract cats. This past weekend I took a road  trip with my friends up to Niagara Falls. One day we walked through the Botanical Gardens, which was a beautiful walk. As we were heading out of the gardens an orange tabby boy seemed to materialize out of no where and headed straight towards me. I heard him before I saw him, meowing all the way. I was looking the opposite direction because I wasn’t expecting a cat to come from the parking lot. I mean where does a cat come from in a parking lot?

It looks like I am pulling his tail, but really just giving him some love!

So he is already approaching me and I bend down to talk to him, he sorta speeds up and arches for me. He keeps meowing then walks past me. I was able to coax him back to me, and he was just the sweetest thing. My first instinct when petting him was to see if I could tell if he was neutered. Since he was indeed a he, I was very excited to see that he was neutered. My friends spent the next few hours lovingly giving me a hard time about my creepy ability to attract cats. I told them how it is my special sixth sense. The next day we returned to the gardens and there was another cat.

This time a beautiful brown tabby girl with white.  My friend saw her before I did, but as soon as she indicated there was something to look at I saw the beautiful kitty sprawled in the sunshine.Again this little girl decided she wanted to come right over to me. She was so soft, well fed and super friendly. Because she was a girl I couldn’t tell if she was spayed or not, but I can only hope she was. I don’t know their story, but I certainly plan to find out.

Pretty girl who found me at the gardens.

Seeing these kitties made me realize just how much I miss working with cat rescue. I asked my friends if it was sad that my first reaction was to see if the cats were fixed. One friend responded “No, it just means you need to get back to volunteer work.” And she is right. So, so right. I need my rescue work. I have at least two boys in my neighborhood who need to get trapped and fixed but I can’t find them. They keep changing their schedules and their locations so it is hard to trap them. Additionally I have such a crazy schedule that it is hard to mesh with the cats when I do find their location.

I keep hoping that my schedule will clear up and I will be able to volunteer at my favorite shelter again, but it just doesn’t happen. I also wish I could foster, but that is also not an option. So in the mean time I do what I can, updating social media for another shelter and cross-posting adoption pleas on my Facebook page. I hope that within the next year I will be able to get back to shelter work, because it is such an important part of my life. I really do miss it far more than I thought I would. It is my passion, my calling in life. Cats, animal rescue, animal welfare, I love it, even though it kills me at times I love it. Now, to find the time to get back to it.


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