Animal Welfare vs. Human Welfare

Disclaimer: The thoughts below have not been fully developed in that they are still slightly confused in my head. It is a debate I have been having for years with no satisfactory answer. Also, I am tired, it is late, and my thoughts on the topic are still confused, therefore the writing below may not be as clear as I intend.

Tonight I was at my friend’s house and we watched Rent.  It is not my favorite musical, though there are some great songs in it  and a great message. How does this relate to cats you might wonder. Well, as you may know if you have seen the movie or the stage version, the story revolves around a bunch of bohemian types, and some of the “slums” of New York City, the homeless, the poor, the drug addicts etc. As I was watching the movie I was thinking how hard life is for some humans. At one point I realized that my cats have a better life than some humans. And I was moved by that. I mean, even my ferals have it pretty good. They have a dry place to sleep; they have adequate  shelter from wind, rain and snow; they have soft blankets; they have heating discs in the winter; they have two regular meals a day. That is a hell of a lot more than some humans have.

My two inside babies, they have regular qualtiy meals, a nice big house, soft beds, regular health care and more. When I realized that my cats have it better than some humans, something which I have thought of before, I was upset. I mean how can we justify animals living a nice cozy life when some humans have to go to bed cold and hungry every night? I firmly believe I am doing the best for my cats and giving them the life they deserve. And I know taking away from them wouldn’t give to a human who has nothing. Just as my giving to the cats doesn’t take away from any humans. But how does our society get to the point where we can give diamond studded collars to pets yet we can’t provide for all the humans in the world. Hell, we can’t even provide for all the pets born in our country which is why thousands are euthanized each year.

I know there are no easy answers to this conundrum. In fact there probably aren’t any answers (well spaying and neutering pets would be a great place to start on the animal side of things). Some people have always had little and been forced to live a rough life. Other people have been blessed with an abundance (some a larger abundance than others). It is every human’s right to spend their money as they see fit, provided they don’t cause harm to another human. I have come by my money through hard, honest work, and I can spend it on whatever makes me happy. In my case that just happens to mean improving the lives of animals and occasionally humans.   Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel there is something wrong with a world where some animals have better lives than some humans.  Perhaps I just dream of a utopian world, where no one goes without, but what’s wrong with that? Isn’t it the dreamers who make the world a better place?


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