Finding My Purpose

Ever have that feeling that you just belong somewhere? Or know, deep down in your soul that you were doing what you were meant to do? I have, and it is a wonderful feeling.  Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon volunteering with different rescue groups.  It was a long, busy night but it was so wonderful. I felt like I had a purpose again. I did something of value that helped kitties, even if I wasn’t directly working with the cats.

Part of this joy simply came from being around like minded people. People who love cats, who want to make a difference in the lives of needy animals and who are passionate about rescue animals. Part of it came from doing the work I am meant to do.  I spent the second half of the night at a planning meeting, explaining social media strategies and  coming up with a plan in place for our future social media endeavors.  Since this is partially what I want to do for my livelihood, it was great to know that people actually consider me skilled in this field. It was also great to apply it to a cause I feel so strongly about.

It is just refreshing to know there is something I am good at and someplace I belong; especially now when life is so crazy and uncertain. It is good to know that even when it leaves me sad and burnt out, animal rescue really is my passion and my calling. It is good to know that I belong somewhere.



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