A Nice Problem To Have

One of my goals for 2012 is to read 50 books this year. I have already read three leaving me 47 more books to read. Which depending on the mood I am in is either a great start or a hell of a lot more books to read in a year! As I was thinking of all the books I need to read this I decided it was a great idea to pull all the books off my shelf that I have not read and make a “to read” pile. I know lots of my friends have these piles. So I did. I pulled all the books off my shelf that I haven’t read yet. This is what I got.

That's a lot of books!!

That pile doesn’t include a few books I have in my “reading” pile, or the books on my Kindle. As I type I am thinking of a few shelves I forgot to pull from as well, so lets add at least ten more books to this pile. I think I have enough books here to read the rest of the year. Problem is I bought some of these books years ago and for whatever reason didn’t get to read them right away, and now have lost interest in reading them. Which leaves me with a conundrum. Do I read the book just because I bought it? Or do I skip it and move on to other books I really want to read. What about the books I want to re-read? Life isn’t long enough to read all the books I want, or do all the things I want to do. So where do I give!?

This would all be so much easier if I could just retreat to the woods for a few weeks and do nothing but read. Would that be allowed?


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