I want to be a cat writer!

I want to be a cat writer!

Part of me finds the previous sentence to be absurd for various reason. First, it is just an odd thing to say. Second, I already am, to a certain extent, a cat writer. Third, it is a bit of an odd title. What, you may ask, caused such an epiphany? Surfing the internet.

I was browsing different hashtags on Twitter for a homework assignment when I stumbled across this fabulous blog post  titled “Why don’t people spay/neuter their pets?” I was fascinated by the article, and when I skimmed the rest of the blog, I was quite astonished to find it is dedicated to cats. My first thought “but that’s what I wanted to do!” BJ Bangs’ blog, Paws for Reflection, is exactly what I dreamed Tails from the Street would be. I am inspired and just a tad bit jealous.  I am also inspired and excited by the existence of the Cat Writer’s Association Inc. The association is “an organization of professionals writing, publishing and broadcasting about cats.” God, could it be that maybe this was fate calling me? I can only hope. After all my biggest passions are cats and the written word. I have always said I would love nothing more than to write about cats (hence the creation of this blog)

I have been struggling this year to create regular content for my blog. I have been struggling to maintain my relationship with the feral cats in my neighborhood and to keep up with attempts at trapping. I have been struggling to find time to write Tabitha and Dundee Boy’s story.  Hopefully this can all change in the next few weeks. I am going to find the energy to make it happen, thanks in part to a fateful search on Twitter and a like minded blogger. Simply writing this blog entry makes me feel like an amateur, compared to some of the things I have seen on Paws for Reflection. I will stay excited about this though and work hard to improve my blog and its content!

I feel like I imagine the kitten feels five seconds later, when he realizes he is still just a tiny kitten.


One thought on “I want to be a cat writer!

  1. bjbangs says:

    Thank you for your wonderful comments. I bring 20 years of experience as a journalist and communication professional to the blog. And I like you absolutely want to write about cats. They are the most amazing creatures. If you’re having a problem staying on task, start writing about your experiences with the ferals you’re helping.

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