Another Cat, Another Empty Trap

Late last week a “new” cat started showing up on a regular basis. I had first seen him (?) a few weeks back when I discovered my poor Marius locked in the neighbor’s garage. By the way, I haven’t seen Marius since then. Anyways, this new cat would make an appeareance every few days but always ran away when he saw me open the door. This made things a little difficult as I had  to open the door to put food out, and he was coming around for food, ya see the problem? I would go leave the food by the alley, under the fence, so he could see that I wasn’t going to hurt him. My parents accuse me of “luring” him here or “encouraging him.” I say I was just feeding a cat who found his way naturally, besides, he never actually got to eat that  food, my Little Black ate it all for him. Well last week the new boy decided to come around daily. I had a TNR appointment booked for today (Wednesday, a week after he started coming by regularly). Figured he would be a great opportunity to get back in the trapping game.

Thursday through Saturday this new guy, showed up for breakfast every day without fail. This who has yet to be named, I can’t decide if I should call him something simple like BW or Mr. Handsome or go with something more geeky from a book or tv show, was regular and for several days it looked like we might have a new guest for breakfast. He caused stress, he caused anxiety and worry, he caused excitement (the thrill of the hunt?).  I got everything set in my head for trapping him. I decided to first try trapping him Tuesday morning, so I  could have him in time for his appointment on Wednesday. Planned to get the trap out Sunday night so he could become acquainted with it on Monday at breakfast.  I forgot to pull out the trap Sunday night, but that’s OK because he didn’t show up on Monday morning. Nor did he show on Tuesday or Wednesday. I assume he will show tomorrow now that I don’t have an appointment for another week. Little bugger makes things difficult!

They always do this to me, the feral cats in my neighborhood. They change their schedules, they come by at different times or hang out in different places. They refuse to go into traps, or get halfway in and back out on me. They escape from traps (I’m talking to you Poosh!). And that’s exactly what happened here, once again. I seem to have the worst luck trapping the cats in my neighborhood and even trying to reach out to neighbors or others for TNR assistance. It is frustrating and exhausting and, at times, depressing. I just want to help the cats, and help others help the cats

In a poorly planned and executed segway, I discovered today that someone I went to college with and was acquainted with has a feral cat issue and horrible allergies. Like shouldn’t be around cats at all bad. Read it here, she is in quite the pickle. I quickly sent her messages on Facebook and her blog offering my assistance. I got super excited about the prospect of trapping again. Yet, I know that should she accept my help, in several weeks I will be wondering what the heck I got myself into. Yes, that is the problem with being a self-destructive sucker. Yet, maybe at the end of it I can add a few cats to my tally and feel damned good about myself. Oh and have a few less breeding cats on the street.



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