Trapping, the Day After: He Returns!

Here he is, my nameless new cat. He showed up for breakfast today. Just as I knew he would, because my TNR appointment was yesterday. Dang cat!


ImageHe must have been very hungry, he even dared to go over and eat the plate of food next to Little Black, who normally chases everyone else away from the food. For some reason though, she doesn’t chase this cat off. She glares at him as if she is trying to intimidate him but doesn’t actually chase him away. The only thing I can think of is he has enough testosterone pumping through his system that she is afraid of him. I say this because the only cat she did not chase away was my big Pappa cat who was a rough and tumble un-neutered male.


Little Black wondering why this new cat dares get so close.

Little Black spent several minutes glaring at this new guy as hard as she could, then went and sat on the railing of the deck, far away from him. He ate and then trotted off to wherever it is he lives. He is very nervous around Little Black and Momma (who wasn’t around for breakfast), and he flees at the sight or even the sound of me. Will be interesting to see how long it takes me to trap him and how the others adjust to having him around.


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