Playful Feral Cats

My Little Black is nothing but trouble! This girl can’t make up her mind if she wants to be feral or not. She clearly loves me, frequently materializing whenever she hears my voice, the garage door or the back door. She comes running at the sound of a shaken treat bag (just like the commercials!). She even rubs on me when I bend down to feed them. I can occasionally reach out and get a quick pet in, but it always ends in a death stare and a howl of protest from her. Yet, she will immediately afterwards rub on my legs again. The best part is on the days when her buddy, Momma Cat, is not around. Those days she will prance across the windowsill looking in the house, or should I say this is done more frequently than days when Momma is around. She waits by the back door and tries to run inside with me, yet if I prop the door open she runs away. When Momma is not around Little Black demands I give her attention. She looks in the windows for me and ambushes me the second I open the door. On those days I have to sit outside and play with her. Witness it for yourself.

I am holding out hope this little girl can be socialized.





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