Feed Shelter Animals without Spending a Penny

Being a dedicated animal rescuer caring for several feral cats, two geriatric indoor cats costs a lot of money. Add to that my looming student loan repayments and lack of a full-time paycheck, you get someone who doesn’t have lots of money to throw around. I don’t have much money and I don’t have the ability to foster cats right now, yet my heart breaks with every story I hear. I want to help them all. That is why I love sites like The Animal Rescue Site and Freekibble.com. Both sites allow you to help animals “for free.” All you have to do is click the button, or answer a question and food is donated to shelters across the country. It is a simple way for me to help animals without putting myself into debt. It is also super quick, maybe a minute to click through on both Freekibble sites and on The Animal Rescue Site. Maybe. If you have a slow internet connection.

I was thrilled when I learned of another website that helps out animals without any significant cost to me. The Pet Postcard Project teams up with different shelters across the country to donate food in response to postcards people send in. Individuals across the country send in home made postcards with pictures of their pets, or other pets they know, put a funny/inspirational caption across it and mark on the back which shelter campaign it is for.  The current campaign kicks in at 25,000 postcards. That is, a donation will be made to Stray Cat Alliance when The Pet Postcard Project receives 25,000 postcards. I love this idea! It is a beautiful way for people to be slightly more involved with the process without spending a fortune. I can afford the cost of a stamp, paper and ink. Being a creative person I relished the chance to throw together a few quirky captions on to pictures of my cats.

postcardsIt took maybe a total of half an hour to slap my cards together, print them, glue them on something a little more solid and label the envelope. That might be a little too much work for some people, but to me it is worth it. I get to help out a bunch of hungry kitties without spending money. I have time to kill right now, and I love creative projects. To me it was a win-win situation.

I also want to mention that I did my research on all these organizations. In the case of Freekibble.com and The Pet Postcard Project, they have teamed with Halo Pet Food company and other large name brands and people to make these donations. There is documented evidence of the donations being received by charities. The Animal Rescue Site is run by a larger network–GreaterGood Network–whose tax forms are online.  I also worked for an organization who received money from The GreaterGood Network, so I feel comfortable recommending them to other people. It is always important to make sure you know where your money is going when donating to organizations. Even if you are not directly giving money, as in the case of these three organizations, make sure you know where your information is going and what your efforts are going towards.

Do you have any sites or programs like this that you love? Let me know!


One thought on “Feed Shelter Animals without Spending a Penny

  1. Liz says:

    Great blog! I am a high school student/teen mother interested in helping and saving animals and I was also looking to donate food to animals, but since I do not have much money right now I can not almost donate anything! These websites helped me a lot. You can even buy many things to help bring a bowl of food to shelters..excellent! Thank you!

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