It’s Caturday! Does that mean I get to spend my day doing cat related  things? I think it does. Not sure how this happened but my Saturday has turned into Caturday in every possible sense. I woke up just enough to look at the clock before Crash thought he needed to headbutt me awake the rest of the way. Nothing like being woken by a wet nose and tickly whiskers being shoved in your face!  It has lead to a day of catching up on cat blogs, finding new blogs, hopefully networking a bit and working on a grant for Chicago Cat Rescue, where I volunteer. Not perhaps the best way to be spending this gorgeous, perfect Saturday.

I thought I would treat Muffin to a little jaunt out to the balcony to enjoy the nice weather. She loves going outside on supervised adventures; since the arrival of the ferals though she has been restricted to the balcony. Muffin was lounging on the chair soaking up all the sun, while I sat in the chair next to her, computer planted in my lap working hard on a news article between visits to Facebook. I looked up from the computer just long enough to see a brown tabby cat trotting down the alley. I tried to call to it but kitty was gone before I could register what just happened. I knew I jinxed myself with my last post.


How could I deny her the pleasures of the balcony? Fresh air, sun, she loves it!

Brown tabby was the second cat I saw around the house in less than 24 hours. Last night while working on that same news article, I happened to look out my window to see Cow running down the sidewalk. That cat never comes over here! I now have to keep my eyes open for these two so I can learn their schedule, their habits and eventually trap them. Cow is feral, not sure about the brown tabby, I am going to find out though.

In other more exciting news I learned that Tree House Humane Society, the organization that got me started with cat rescue and TNR, has Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist from My Cat From Hell, and author of “Cat Daddy” as their special guest this year. I am so psyched! I love Tree House, and am so excited to go spend a wonderful night with my fellow Tree House supporters, and Jackson Galaxy. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

Time for me to get back to my Caturday and that grant application. Enjoy your beautiful Caturday, or Saturday my fellow cat lovers!


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