“The Friskies” or My cats refuse to take part in the domination of the internet

Cat videos have taken over the internet. How many times have you wasted part of an afternoon at work watching felines being hysterical? How many times have you thought: “Yes! My cat does that!” Friskies has plans to capitalize on the cat video craze with their new contest. “The Friskies” is the contest to crown the best cat video on the internet. Their tag line: Movies have the Oscars®TV has the Emmys®Internet Cat Videos now have The Friskies.

According to the official rules there are four cat-agories you can enter your video in.

1. CATNESS: the essence of cat behavior, capture a cat (or multiple cats) just being a cat, moments of pure cat wonder, quirkiness, and delight; 2. CATCOM: capture a cat (or multiple cats) in a humorous situation; 3. CATVENTURE: capture an indoor cat (or multiple cats) on an adventure; 4. CATCH ALL: miscellaneous category for Entries that don’t fit in to one of the other categories.

The grand prize is $15,000. Finalists get a year’s supply of Friskies and category winners get $2500 each. I could do with any of those prizes. With all my bills and all the cats I feed who refuse to eat anything but Friskies surely any of those prizes would be welcomed.

The contest wants original videos so I have been walking around, camera in hand, trying to catch my cats at their most amusing. In true cat form, they refuse to do anything worthy of filming. I think back to last week when they played together with a  giant box for the first time in ten years (seriously, it’s been at least ten years since they played together, Muffin suddenly developed an aversion to her brother. Her aversion is not made any better by his constant desire to play with her, which simply turns into a mild form of sibling bullying.) I think of Muffin climbing in the cabinet above the refrigerator and how I was in stitches from laughing so hard.

This week, nothing.  We bought them a new ball with feathers on the top. They looked at it with the scorn and indifference that only a cat can master. Yesterday I went on much needed toy hunt under the furniture. I found dozens of sparkle balls for Crash, Muffin’s favorite yellow plastic twistie, a missing screwdriver and a semi-fluffy fur ball that Muffin loves.  I thought to myself, surely one of these nifty “new” toys will get me the video I want. She likes to play this game where I toss the toy to her while she sits on an elevated surface and she throws, no flings, it back off. I thought surely with her fluff ball she would be interested and we could play cat-ch.  This is what I got.


Seriously Muffin, could you at least pretend to humor me for a moment or two? I would love to get footage of either Crash or Muffin playing, unfortunately neither likes to play with me that much, and I am not allowed to watch them play. They both simply stop and look around all innocent like when their is even the slightest hint you might be watching them. I am not giving up yet. I have until October 12 to enter my video. Surely I can get something hysterical of them in the mean time!



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