Opening A New Door

This past weekend I started delving into the world of natural pet foods and supplements. Not because my cats are switching to an all natural diet, they refuse to eat anything “natural”, but because I am starting a new job! I can’t wait. Next week I start my job at an all natural pet food store for dogs and cats, here in Chicago.

I have so much to learn about all the natural foods and supplements out on the market. I have to learn a lot about basic nutrition for dogs and refresh myself on some basic cat principles. My mind is blown by all the information out there. All the different types of food, the conflicting stories I am reading, it is a lot to take in! There is the debate over raw diets, which in and of itself is enough to keep people reading for weeks at a time. Then there are all the different brands of natural food, it is just so much information. I feel like I am preparing for a final exam after missing all the classes! I am so excited about it though!

This is going to take me down a whole new path. It is the first decision I have made in a long time that left me feeling peaceful. Being at peace with yourself, your job, your path, is a great thing.  It will mean some struggles; more importantly though, it will potentially lead me down some amazing new paths and open some fabulous new doors. Perhaps learning more about the natural food and supplement market will lead this blog in new places.  Perhaps I will make a career out of working in a little shop.  Perhaps something is going to come of all this that I can’t begin to imagine. I am looking forward to the changes and the new opportunities it will bring  in my quest to help animals.

Tell me, what are your thoughts on natural foods for pets? Worth the extra money and the hype? Do you feed your pet a raw diet? Have problems convincing your pets to eat natural food? Favorite brand? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Opening A New Door

    • Katie says:

      I assume they like it or you wouldn’t be feeding it to them. Have you fed raw from day 1 with them? My two are 17 years old and VERY finicky! They do seem to like the Stella and Chewy’s dehydrated sample I brought home though.

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