Wordless Wednesday: An Open Window


My five foster babies from this past summer. All still looking for a home.


9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: An Open Window

    • Katie says:

      I wish they had one with me! They were so wonderful. Sadly, I was unable to continue fostering them, so they moved on to another foster home. Little dolls are so wonderful. The joys of fostering!

    • Katie says:

      Thanks! I think they were just enjoying the fresh air and possibly birds in the tree outside my window. It was one of the first times it was cool enough to actually have the windows open all summer. They loved it.

  1. Erica says:

    Hi I am wondering if you have any cats for adoption, my name is Erica and I run the blog below. I am usually just a TNR trapper but as of late have been busting my a** on the underground cat railroad trying to place cats with people. I have an interested party well-known to me who is looking for a kitten or a young female cat. Thanks!!!!!

    • Katie says:

      Sorry for the delay, been swamped lately. Check out Chicagocatrescue.org for more about all the kitties we have for adoption, if you are in the Chicago-land area!

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