Shelter Appreciation Blog Hop: Small Things Make a Difference

Earlier this week I heard about Blog Paws Shelter appreciation blog hop. For those who don’t know, a blog hop is a way of linking your blog with other blogs that have a common theme. If you go to several of my Wordless Wednesday posts, you will notice there is an image at the bottom for Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. If you click that link you go back to the Wordless Wednesday link on Blog Paws and can check out other Wordless Wednesday posts.

The Shelter Appreciation blog hop is the same idea, but for a much better cause. Blog Paws Be the Change will make a donation to support Rescue Ink, an amazing animal shelter in New York that got destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. They need 100 bloggers to join the blog hop though, and when I last checked they had yet to crack 20. I can help bring some much needed assistance to Rescue Ink and share a little about Chicago Cat Rescue, the organization I work with.

Chicago Cat Rescue is a small, foster based rescue group in Chicago. As the name suggests, we rescue cats. Self explanatory really, right?  We are about 6 years old, and just recently changed our name. I came on board about three years ago as a communications volunteer but have since taken on so many more duties! Chicago Cat Rescue has no shelter facility, all our cats reside in foster homes until they are adopted. As I am sure is the case with many rescue organizations there are always more animals  than there are foster homes to take them. Sadly, this year adoptions have been slow as well, meaning we can’t take in as many animals as we would like. We are a small group, there are four or five members who meet weekly to plan the next steps and help Chicago Cat Rescue take the next step forward in helping more cats. Everyone who is involved with Chicago Cat Rescue is so passionate about our cats and our cause. Our volunteers do everything from help plan events to cooking for said events. They are out there trapping, fostering and sometimes even adopting cats. Frequently they are doing all of the above, and more, all in the name of educating the public and saving more kitties! Our supporters are wonderful, and we have the most amazing veterinarian’s office partnering with us to provide medical care for our cats.

When I read about the Shelter Appreciation blog hop, and the “drive by” challenge I was excited! Any chance to do a little thing to help animals is a chance I like to take! The idea behind the drive by is to take a look at your local shelter or rescue group’s wish list before you head out shopping one day, find one or two items on their list, pick them up while you are doing your regular shopping then drive by and drop them off at your shelter on your way home. A super easy way to help out your favorite rescue!

Since I work at a pet food store, the shopping end was easy. I picked up a case of Wellness for Chicago Cat Rescue’s cats on my way out of work then arranged to drop it off at the home of one of the group’s co-founders. She is fostering a mom and her five kittens, as well as one “add on” kitten who was found alone outside. Here is a picture of Momma Dahlia hanging out with the new cans of food that will keep her and her babies fed for a few days.

I love the idea of picking up one or two things on your shelter or rescue group’s wish list. Every organization has one, and it is such a simply way to help out. You don’t have to go out of your way or even spend a lot of money. A bag of food, some laundry detergent, gently used towels, all are things on just about every shelter and rescue group’s wish list and easy things to donate! This is a great way to help out your local group any time of year. I am a firm believer that we can all do something for the causes we believe in. If your cause is homeless animals then do something. If you can’t adopt than foster, volunteer your time hanging flyers or playing with animals, educate others, promote adoptable animals on Facebook, blog! Do what you can to make a difference, even if it is one small thing.

Don’t forget to check out Blog Paws for the rest of the blogs in the Shelter Appreciation Blog Hop!


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