Arbitrarily Numbered Reason Why I Love Feral Cats

There are so many reasons I love my feral cats. Throughout the year I will try to share some of the simple reasons. Today’s reason is the fuzzy welcoming committee. When I get home from work there is a ninety percent chance my girls will be waiting for me. There is nothing quite so heartwarming as having two beings beyond excited to see you. My own cats are usually uninterested in me when I come home, so having my feral girls waiting by the garage door for me makes me feel so loved. Last night Little Black ran to the garage door and rolled on the ground when she saw me. It is a little bit of joy in a long, exhausting day. There are also the morning greetings, when they run from their house to the door for their breakfast. They are always so happy to see me. It is enough to brighten the gloomiest day.


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