Spoiled Cats

My feral cats may be the best fed feral cats on the planet. In addition to the food I get them from the store, I give them all the leftovers from my cats. Whenever my cats reject a can of food I give it to my feral girls. They have gotten some of the best natural and organic foods available. They have gotten premium food and it has gone to their heads. They now reject anything I can get for free-such as food slightly past it’s ‘best by’ date, prescription food, etc.  Ever such picky cats I have.

Today I tried to feed my cats some frozen raw food. Crash ate some of it when I hand fed him. After a few rounds he didn’t like it anymore. So I gave it to the ferals. Little Black thought that was the best thing in the world. The look on her face when she was eating was hysterical. You could just tell she was thinking “oh yeah, That’s the good stuff!”ferl-cat-and-food-plates

Seriously, they must be the most spoiled feral cats in the world. Raw food (other than the kind they hunt themselves), treats, a heated bed. These girls have it made!


Tell me, what do you do to make your feral cats lives better? How do you spoil your cats, indoor or feral?


3 thoughts on “Spoiled Cats

    • Katie says:

      My cats are seniors and have very demanding palettes. They get frustrated when I forget my training and don’t feed them acceptable food, so sometimes they reject previously approved food just to keep me sharp. It’s kind of them really, makes sure I don’t take them for granted in their old age! Their brother, before he died, wouldn’t have rejected anything though–except beef, beef was icky.

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