Cat’s Memories and a Memorial for Moo

I worked at a cat hospital for just under two years. We had a number of house cats in residence and part of my job was to care for them. Every day I feed them breakfast and occasionally dinner. I cleaned their cages, changed their litter boxes, linens and their water bowls. I administered their medications daily as well. It was like having several additional cats to love and care for. Sure it could be a hassle sometimes, especially when I had to go to work on weekends or holidays just to feed and care for the house cats; but such is life when you care for cats.

When I left the clinic earlier last year one of the hardest parts was leaving the cats behind. People I can talk to via phone or internet. Cats not so much. I have kept updated on the status of many of the cats, including my beloved Maizie who I still wish I could bring home.  Earlier this week I learned that one of our house cats was going to be euthanized. Moo Moo, a large black and white cat, had been failing for a long time now. He was bad before I left, yet always managed to bounce back. It was finally his time to go though. After hearing about his impending crossing, I knew I had to go see him. So I made the trip back to the cat clinic and paid him, as well as everyone else there (human and feline), a visit.  One look at poor Moo Moo and it was clear that it was his time to go. This once large cat was skinny as could be. I remember him built like a bouncer, wide chest and middle, tiny little hips. He had wasted away, and clearly was too weak to do much more than lay in the bed.  I crouched down next to him as he snuggled in his giant plush green bed, wrapped in warm blankets. He responded instantly to pets and looked up at me with his always sad eyes. He had this distinctive, quiet, breath of a mew, which he gave me as soon as I touched him. Moo Moo surely loved every last minute of loving, petting and holding he got on his last day in this world.


Because of Moo’s build,  we dressed him as a security guard at Halloween.

What surprised me was that all the other cats remembered me. My Maizie instantly perked up when I touched her, though that could simply have been because she loves attention (sometimes.)  Two other cats greeted me the moment I spoke to them. It was heartwarming and heart breaking to have them so excited to see me. You always hear of dogs remembering people, and I wondered if  it was the same for cats. Being such aloof animals it is hard sometimes to tell if they even care. How many times have I confused Crash’s snuggling with me for a desire for love when it’s really just a demand for food. Well this little visit showed me that cats do remember people, even after a decent period of time.


 As for Moo, he is over at Rainbow Bridge now, with his brother and several other TCP house cats.

May you rest well and find comfort in the next world. We will all miss you horribly dear.


4 thoughts on “Cat’s Memories and a Memorial for Moo

  1. Deborah Doucet says:

    Oh Katie!What a beautuful tribute!I totally forgot about us dressing him in this outfit.It was so sad today,but needed to be done for such a sweet boy.He will be missed.

  2. Laurie says:

    This is beautiful. I especially love this part, “Being such aloof animals it is hard sometimes to tell if they even care.” I know your visit to him when he was near the end of his life meant a lot to him.

    • Katie says:

      Thanks! I just happened to be in the right place at the right time with perfect timing on the camera for that one. The glasses fell on his face just as I was taking a picture of him!

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