“The Price”

I stumbled across this video the other day while procrastinating. It happens to combine some of my favorite things: cats, great story telling, beautiful animation and Neil Gaiman (though where Mr. Gaiman is involved it is ALWAYS great story telling).  I share it with you now, fellow cat lovers.  Beware that it is a fantasy story, and there is a fantastical turn towards the end.


What I love about this video is the truth at the heart of it. Beyond writing a damned good story, Mr. Gaiman, who wrote the story, and Mr. Salmon who adapted it to video understand the truth of animals and the power behind this story. Who here hasn’t felt that their beloved companions have protected them at some point? Whether it is protection from loneliness; protection from humans and animals; life saving protection as is so often heard of in the news and provided by service animals altering their people to seizures; or the nasty things that lurk out in the world, as seen in the story.  I know that my cats have protected me (a future blog post) and I would love to believe that my girls outside came into my life for a reason as well.

There is so much beauty, love and truth in this short story. I can’t possibly use words to explain how much this story touched me.

Tell me, do you believe an animal came into your life for a reason? What has your cat or dog protected you from?


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