Wordless Wednesday: When Worlds Collide

Every once in a while Little Black and Momma feel the need to take a peek at life on the inside. Whether they are saying “hi” or demanding food, or just spying on me, I can’t say. It’s always a surprise when I look up and see this:mama-1

or this:


Occasionally Crash or Muffin will see one of The Girls, though on this day Momma lingered so long both cats saw her.  mama-and-muffin-2   


They were not happy with her. I am very lucky that their dislike just leads to attacking the windows when either girl is in view and not other, more serious behavior issues, as is frequently the case!

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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: When Worlds Collide

    • Katie says:

      Definitely don’t want the girls in or near their house. They get very angry when they see them. They are good protectors!

    • Katie says:

      I’ve tried to let them in, they don’t seem too overly interested. They have popped in once or twice and then run right back out. I hope one day they will come in for good, too shy right now. The closest I can get to Momma is with a wall and window between us!

  1. Elizabeth Benoit says:

    Sometimes separation is a good thing. There is always hope for a future friendship though. It took Gracie and Benjamin Bunny at Feline Funnies quite awhile to sort their differences out in the beginning.

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