Something I Can’t Explain

Author’s note: Apologies for going a bit off topic this morning. Also, apologies for the sub-par writing. I have never had an experience like this and words fail me.

Last night I had the strangest dream. Strange dreams in and of themselves are nothing new for me. I have very vivid and odd dreams. What made last night’s dream so strange was the presence of my Sam. He just appeared in the middle of a dream that had nothing to do with him. For those who don’t know, Sam was my brown tabby who died unexpectedly almost four years ago. He is the banner image on my blog, and the inspiration to help as many cats as I can.

I miss him horribly, as I have every day since he crossed to Rainbow Bridge. I don’t know what to make of his appearing in my dream. I can’t explain it, especially since I am not sure I believe in the supernatural, such as spirits, or communication with those who have died. I do know he was there, in my dream. I could feel his presence. It wasn’t like most of my dreams where the “characters” are flat, and out of focus. I saw him and felt him. He was there in all his 13 lbs of soft, brown glory. The best way I can describe it is by comparing it to a photo. There was the normal dream, all blurry and flat (the photo) then Sam was just stamped in the middle, like someone did a horrible job of Photoshopping him in. I could tell he wasn’t part of the original fabric of the dream. I remember thinking “Sam what are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in a long time.” I want to believe my Sam came back to me finally, even if only for a few moments. My logical side won’t let me believe it though.

Sam (41)Sam first appeared in the kitchen. I was suddenly feeding Crash and Muffin, and then Sam just appeared. He wasn’t with them eating, he was just standing there. Then I was suddenly back to fighting a monster in a shopping center or warehouse or something like that (I told you, my dreams are strange). I could feel his presence while I was fighting the monster. Sammy always did like to protect me.

I don’t have much experience with the paranormal, supernatural or whatever you want to call it. I want to believe there is life after death and powers or energy or something that helps us through life. I just can’t. I haven’t had many experiences, and when I do have some experience I over-analyze and write it off as coincidence or fluke. For example, I was talking about Sam the other day with some people on Twitter. So it would make sense that he appeared in my dream, since he has been on my mind.

I am going to meet with an Animal Communicator on Sunday. She says she can communicate with the animals, including those who have passed on. I am open but skeptical. I have heard some people share some amazing stories about her, so hopefully sh really does have an amazing gift! Maybe she can explain to me what Sam was doing.

I would love to hear your stories of the supernatural. Did you have messages from a loved one (four legged or two legged) who has passed on? A dream that spoke to you? Am I just crazy  and trying to reach out for something that isn’t there/ Share your stories and thoughts please!


4 thoughts on “Something I Can’t Explain

  1. Cody-Cat Chat (@CatChatCaren) says:

    I believe it WAS Sam. You have been distressed and sad. I believe he made an appearance to comfort you. I DO believe it was him.
    Years ago when I was young (around 21) I had a friend commit suicide. I had enormous guilt because when he wanted to talk to me I was in the middle of finals in college (I thought he wasn’t as upset as he was, I had no way of knowing)…I told him I would talk to him after finals. I never got the chance. I beat myself and blamed myself (when it wasn’t my fault). I was beyond depressed.
    One night soon after he passed I dreamed he was at the end of my bed. Sitting there. I began crying (in real life AND my dream) and apologizing. He said he “couldn’t leave” without telling me that it was “ok” that even if I had spoken to him it wouldn’t have helped and he wanted me to know that he was happy now.
    When I woke up the depression that weighed so heavily had completely lifted. I never “believed” until I had that experience.

  2. Cindy Main says:

    I think you did see Sam. I had an odd and very comforting experience after losing my first cat, Azrael. I was a few blocks from my house walking home from the train a few days after he died when I noticed a very large monarch butterfly flying around me. It didn’t seem to be flying randomly–it kept circling me the rest of the way home and I got the impression it wanted me to notice it. For some strange reason, it made me think of Azrael. This might sound stupid, but I felt like the butterfly was actually his energy letting me know he was okay. As soon as I walked into my house, I saw a sympathy card we had just received from the vet. The picture on the front of it was of a black cat with a white chest (looked exactly like Azrael) with a monarch butterfly flying around his head.

  3. Chris says:

    Katie, I have had a few experiences. The first occurred about a month after my Dad passed away. It was morning and we were in bed and I was wide awake — definitely not sleeping or dozing off and on. I had my back turned to Bob and suddenly someone touch my shoulder — not just a soft touch but a firm touch. I assumed it was Bob and asked him what he wanted. He was sound asleep and was facing the opposite direction. Also, there were no cats in the room. My Dad and I always had a close communicative connection. I truly believe this was him perhaps saying goodbye. I never had the experience again. Also, we had a cat named Blackie for 19 years. He was the sweetest cat and he LOVED to headbutt. Shortly after he passed, I felt someone headbutting my leg. I put my hand down to pet whichever cat it was but there was no cat there. This has been a continuing experience and I welcome it. You should welcome Sam’s visit. Love never dies.

  4. Diane Kosek says:

    All of my kitties that passed on have come to me in dreams as well. And it’s exactly like you describe it, very vivid, like you are actually there and not in a fuzzy dream. Angel visits me the most. He mostly comes durring times of distress to either warn or comfort me. He warned me to see a doctor on 2 separate occasions for my shoulder and for my eyes. Most memorable was when my mom was going through her ordeal with breast cancer. In my dream mom and I were both in the garden taking care of our plants as we often do. Angel crawled under the fence and sat in the back left corner of our garden. My mom saw him first and tried to pick him up but at each attempt she made to pick him up he would back away. She looked at me confused and asked me “why won’t he let me pick him up? I don’t understand?” Angel then approched me and said “She can’t pick me up because it’s not time yet.” Told my mom about the dream and it eased her anxiety. Turned out the cancer was at stage 0 and the mastectomy got it all. Angel was right, “it’s not time yet”! I truly beleive they become our guardian angels after they pass away and if you loved them as much as you and I did we will spend eternity with them.

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