Making the Connection to Cats

Yesterday I met with an Animal Communicator, Hope Black of Making the Connection. There was an event at work, and I figured this was as good a time as any to try animal communication out and try to talk to my cats. I was going to be in the store all day, so why not take a few minutes to talk with her.  I was hesitant, I don’t want to say skeptical but possibly. I want to believe but had experienced anything  that allowed me to believe. I think my mind has changed.

As soon as I walked in the room she said they were talking to her. She knew there were multiple cats and that one had passed. She told me the other cats didn’t want to talk because they knew I had a heavy heart and wanted me to talk to the one who passed. She told me that Sam (she never used his name but she described him perfectly) was happy. I explained my dream to her and she told me it was his way of preparing me to meet with her. When I mentioned he appeared in the kitchen, she said that he comes and goes between worlds and likes to hang out in the kitchen because he loved to eat (oh did he love to eat). She said sometimes the other cats talk to him and tell him to get out of the way so they can eat. (Later I wondered if he also hangs out in the sink. Frequently there will be a “kitty back up” where both cats are sitting, waiting to drink water out of the sink but neither enters the sink to drink. When Sam was alive he LOVED to sit in the sink, sometimes even sleeping there.) She said that Sam said he went at a good time, he wants to be remembered as a good looking, fluffy cat, not as an old, decrepit cat. I can absolutely see Sam saying this. He was a good looking boy, even at 13 years old. He was always a soft, silky cat though not overly fluffy. She said I made the right decision, which I am a little confused about; perhaps this meant my decision not to start him on heart meds? Not sure.

At one point while we were talking she started stroking my arm. She said Sam told her to do that, she was getting lots of images of stroking in relation to me and that he missed that. I asked if the others were happy, she told me they were.

She continued by telling me the cats worry about me. They want me to take better care of  myself and not spend so much time worrying about them. Anyone who has senior pets with a multitude of illnesses understands how hard it is to NOT worry about them.  She said she was picking up a lot of stress in relation to me, and they wanted me to stop it. It’s true, I have a lot of stress. Lots of worry and lots of stress right now. It breaks my heart a little to think that even my cats are worried about how much stress and worry I am carrying around. She knew things about me that only my cats could have told her. She said I, more than others, need to stop worrying so much about caring for the animals and care for myself first. She, or my cats, are very correct on this one.

Feral Cat FriendsWhat sealed the deal for me, was the conversation she had with Little Black and Mama. I asked if they had any desire to come inside. She said they had thought of it, but didn’t understand what “come inside” means. I showed her a picture of them. This picture to right actually. She pointed to Little Black and told me she was the protector of Mama (very true). Then she said that Little Black would have come in if she weren’t protecting Mama (this is something I have long believed just from watching them). She told me Mama wouldn’t be alive without Little Black. She said they both are grateful and feel safe in my yard. She knew Little Black was brave and sometimes comes to rub against me, while Mama is still frightened.

Hope continued by telling me that they are in my life for a reason, as are all animals. I have long believed this, and I know they are here for a reason but she showed me just what these two beautiful girls might be trying to teach me about life. Little Black is what it’s like to be brave, and strong. Mama is what life can be like if I remain fearful. Hope knew I have a big decision coming up in my life, and she reminded me that I can chose to be Little Black-Brave, Strong and Bold- or I can be Mama-Scared, Fearful and Loosing Out.  I had learned a lesson similar to this over the summer when I was socializing nervous kittens, but had never thought to look for that message in my girls.

There was more, so much more, she told me in 20 minutes. Later as she was leaving the store I related a story to her about another spiritual sort of experience I had. I found myself changing what I originally was going to say and instead sharing with her that I was self-publishing a book (which did indeed related to the story I wanted to tell her). She and her husband mentioned they wanted to write a book and needed a ghost writer. I told them a bit about my self-publishing experience and told her I have two degrees in writing, so I have the skills. Before she left, I gave her my card. After she left I wondered what had happened. Why did I chose that minute to share my self-publishing story which now may just lead to another writing gig? It’s all too coincidental to pass off. Personally, I don’t believe in coincidences. Something strange happened there.

I think I believe now. Part of me is still skeptical and trying to ignore it. I know it felt so real when I was talking to her. I cannot deny how I felt, nor can I deny that she knew things she couldn’t have known. The rational, logical side of my brain keeps trying to overpower me though. I do feel slightly more at peace today. It is good to know that Sam is happy where he is; that Crash and Muffin are happy; and that Little Black and Mama feel save and grateful where they are.

If you need to talk to your animals or want to try out this Animal Communication, I strongly encourage you to speak with Hope Black, she was amazing, compassionate and understanding. Visit her website here.


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