Winter Worry

It is cold in Chicago. Bitter cold, like it usually is this time of year. We have been spoiled by above average temperatures quite a bit of the winter. ( January days that reach 50 degrees are not ok either, but that’s a different story.) I hate this time of year. Not only was I not designed for winter–I am always cold and frequently spend winter shivering as I try to not feel like a block I am encased in a block of ice–but I also spend far too much time worrying about all the ferals.

My girls outside have it made. Little Black and Mommy have a wooden house my dad and I built for them. It keeps them off the ground and provides a nice break from the wind. It is big enough for the two of them to move around a bit and to snuggle right next to each other. It has warm linens to snuggle in and, best of all, a heating pad! When it gets cold enough, like it will tonight, I like to toss a few of the Snuggle Safe disks in to provide a little extra warmth. Apparently they didn’t like me bothering them tonight. When I tried to add a disk tonight, by sliding it in the front door of the house, I got a gentle but definitive smack from an unseen paw. Sadly, my response was only to laugh at this and leave.

It is not my girls I worry about so much these days. Between their house, their heating pad and each other they are as comfy as they can be. I worry about every other cat I have ever seen I the neighborhood, I worry about Marius, Scruffy, Papa, Poosh, Cow and Cow’s mom. Do they have some place warm to stay? Are they shivering all night in a garage somewhere or do they have a friend to s juggle with? Is someone else chairing for them? Are they freezing or just chilly? I suppose they don’t know nothing different; it would be far worse for a former house cat an it is for a kitty who has never known a warm home. Still, I can’t help worrying about these kitties who I have agreed to take care of(even though I never see its of them.) if I could just see them, or even if I cared for the. In a colony, I think I would be more relaxed, less worried about them.

Worrying and not knowing is one of the hardest parts about caring for community cats; one of the hardest things about caring in general.


3 thoughts on “Winter Worry

  1. Connie says:

    that was really the only response that could be given.. 🙂
    As much as I fret over the outdoor kitties in the winter, I find it helps to remind myself that there have been cold days/snaps in the past and yet there still are kittens come spring time. Sadly some will not make it, but many will and the cycle continues..

    • Katie says:

      I know they will make it, they are strong and have survived this long. My problem is that the two girls in my yard have become like my own “pet” cats. One simply refuses to come inside though, so I am helpless to do anything for her. It is the problem with being overly compassionate, you worry about everyone and everything and want to help everyone!

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