Grand adventures, secret lives and cats

I just finished watching “A Cat in Paris” a beautiful animated movie from Paris that came out this summer. I meant to go see it this summer, but was unable to due to a severe sunburn. I am glad I was finally able to see it. Such an adorable little movie. It’s the story of a little girl who discovers her cat spends his nights with a jewel thief. He is a true cat burglar. Once she discovers hr cat’s secret double life she is thrown into a great adventure.

It made me wonder what my cats do when I am not around. Crash and Muffin are strictly inside cats. My ferals however, have no limits as to what they can do or where they can go. The world is their oyster. I know Mommy stays in the yard all day but Little Black has all sorts of grand adventures during the warm weather.

I had a feral boy who I am sure went on a number of amazing adventures. Sadly, those adventures most likely did him in; he vanished one day and never came back.

You have probably read the stories about cats with secret spy cams attached to their collars. Some of those cats had double lives with two families. I have to wonder what else cats do during the day. Do they have parties with all their cat friends? Do colonies of ferals get together for story time? My mind goes on and on wi ll sorts of glorious ideas. I might have to make this my next writing endeavor.

So, tell me, what do you think your cats do while your not around?


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