Catching Up

What a crazy day it’s been.  What a week it’s been. I have been so behind on life that there has been little time for blogging.

I didn’t see much of my ferals last week as the weather was awful. Between the bitter cold, the rain and then the massive snow storm on Thursday (massive by standards of this winter anyway) With all the awful weather my girls have been hanging out in their house for the better part of the month! The girls have been getting a little bit of cabin fever I think. Little Black keeps trying to play with my hands when I feed her. I extend my hand to her every time I feed them, just to see how she will respond. Lately I have gotten a very feisty response; she pounces, trying to bring my fingers down for a good wrestle match. Her nails are so sharp though, even when she keeps her nails sheathed. I will give her the sleeve of my sweatshirt or jacket to wrestle with and she is happy. They even braved the rain one day when it was slightly warmer just to get out of the house.

Today it was warm enough for them to come out, the snow has mostly melted and there was no rain, so they enjoyed sitting outside for a bit. Little Black seemed uber bored today, running around the deck like a crazed cat. I dug through Crash and Muffin’s toys, found two catnip toys they don’t really like and passed those on to Little Black and Mama.  Little Black kept trying to take control of both toys when I tossed them out. She had a great time. Eventually Mama got her turn at playing and she was so happy as well. If I had more time or it was a little warmer and I had more time this morning I would have played with them a bit with their wand toy. While they were playing with their toys I noticed a special present that one of them had left for me under the snow. Apparently, one of those cold snowy days,  someone decided the snow worked just as well for covering up poop, and the snow on the deck worked even better.  So this morning I was shoveling frozen poop off the deck. You know you are a slave to the cats when you shovel frozen poop.

It ended with frozen cat poop and started with a third cat showing up for breakfast. When I went to feed my girls this morning, I was surprised to see Marius waiting on the stairs for breakfast. Apparently he has been showing up regularly for meals. While I am glad to know that he is around and safe, it does make things complicated. There is talking of selling the house and moving, which is going to be difficult with cats in the yard. I am also worried about the dynamics between Marius and my girls. So far they all seem to accept/tolerate each other. No one attacks, they all move slowly and carefully around each other, showing respect but also staying on guard. Very interesting. I don’t know how this would change if Marius starts to hang around more. Plus, I don’t want another cat around our yard bothering the neighbors. Clearly he lives somewhere near by, I don’t know where though, and I don’t want him to suddenly decide our yard is a good place to live.

I hadn’t seen Marius for a number of days; between the crappy weather and my insane schedule I haven’t had much down time. When I saw him today he had a wound on his left temple. The fur just under his ear was disheveled and looked like it was wet. I didn’t notice any blood, however there were tufts of fur stuck pulled out, some of it still resting on the back of his head. I didn’t like the look of his wound. I will keep an eye on it and see if he has to go for medical attention. Really hoping he doesn’t as I don’t want to try trapping him, nor do I want to pay for any medical attention he might need.

Marius and his sad eyes after I trapped him.

Marius and his sad eyes after I trapped him.

I was also surprised to see just how close he allowed me to get to him. I was easily within three feet of him this morning while he ate. Considering that last time he saw me when I was feeding he turned and ran away, this is pretty remarkable. I believe this is also closer than Mama has ever let me get to her. It also just renews my concerns that he is not a feral cat, but someone’s abandoned cat. He seems relatively comfortable with people to be warming up to me that quickly. He does look in good shape though, so if he was someone’s abandoned or lost house cat (he was not altered when I caught him several years ago as an adult) he has learned how to thrive outside. I tried to socialize him when I first caught him, he sat in the corner of the cage, like a statue, for a ridiculous amount of time. The only time he moved in the slightest was when I tried to touch him with a wand toy. I realized I wasn’t going to get far with him, nor did I have time to put into properly attempting to socialize him, so I released him back outside.


2 thoughts on “Catching Up

    • Katie says:

      Thanks John. Already written the Commissioners! Unfortunately I can’t make the meeting due to work. I hope to get something up on the blog this weekend. Keep up the good fight! Let’s show them how dedicated we are!

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