Marius is a Bibliophile

That’s right Marius loves books, or at least he loves being read to. Considering my own bibliophile tendencies and that his namesake is a literary character, this is purrfect. I sat and read to him last night and he gradually relaxed enough that he allowed himself to curl up with his head on his paws and only one eye partially opened. It was a great moment for me. Actually, it was just what I needed for a morale booster.
We got off to a rough start, he was not happy with all the commotion of me moving. I kept coming downstairs to visit him, trying to feed him, clean his litter box and trying to get him interested in toys. He was not thrilled with all the movement and the noise from movement upstairs. Yet for some reason I thought I would push a little further with him. His body language this morning was good; his eyes were more relaxed, whiskers calm, his ears up but relaxed. So I guess I thought he was progressing faster than I expected. 
Anyways, I pushed and pushed then stupidly went and snuck a little touch I his tabby tushy. He instantly faced me with a ferocious hiss. I backed off, and held my hands up in apology (not quite sure cats get that gesture, but it works for me as a human.) I went away, then came back shortly thereafter. As soon as I opened the cage he hissed at me, then instantly followed it with the saddest mew. I told him that hissing was not allowed then sat with him for a few minutes talking quietly and trying to interest him in a toy. He watched them but didn’t bother to play.
When I came home from work mentally and physically exhausted I Immediately went downstairs and sat with him. He looked at me as petrified as ever. So I sat there and got discouraged all that we have gone through so far, all that I have invested in him for time and money; l have some supper long days ahead and more to do than can possibly be done. I have been stressed over not having enough time in the day to spend quality time with Marius and give Crash and Muffin the attention they need. I was so exhausted that I actually, quite literally, fell asleep while writing this post last night. 
I also cleaned up his cage last night. He protested, but seemed to enjoy the extra soft pile of linens he got as a result. After cleaning up I offered my fingers to sniff. He actually touched me with his nose while sniffing. He appears to be moving closer to the side of the cage closer to where I sit, and he is closing his eyes more. Based on this performance from last night I hope to be able to free him from a cage soon. He seems like the type who will do better if he can approach me. He certainly is getting comfortable with my presence. Let’s hope today’s progress is just as good.

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