Wordless Thursday

I know Wordless Thursday isn’t a thing; too bad. Wordless Wednesday past without a post and what I have to share today is best shared with the following items:







How did we go from hiding under the dresser this morning to walking around the room rubbing on things and playing? The sound of another cat playing.  Muffin loves to play with her toy every night; she runs up and down the stairs and sits at the top of the stairs meowing her head off. Whenever Marius hears her he gets super excited and runs to the door to start mewing at her. He was so excited to hear her playing! He literally jumped up in his cage and ran to the door. He ignored my presence on the floor, but made sure to walk the long way around me.  Marius wants so desperately to meet her. He even reached out and stuck his paws under the door. She stared at him with the twist tie hanging out of her mouth. Later she was playing again and he again ran to the door mewing. She hissed and spit at him, then smacked or lunged at the door. She is a cranky old lady who would be perfectly fine with no other cats around. This will prove very interesting. Right now though, I am going to focus on getting Marius to come out of his cage when Muffin is not around and eventually letting me touch him. He still hisses if my hands get too close while playing.  We are off to a wonderful start.


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