An Almost Cat Free Post

I have some very exciting news I have been meaning to share for a few weeks now, but time seems to keep getting away from me. I am so very excited to announce the publication of my first book–Tabitha and Dundee: A Story of Friendship!  It was over a year in the making before I decided to self publish last fall, and now here I am–a published author! It still seems so very surreal to me.  Writing a book has been a life long dream, and I am so honored to have had a wonderful story to tell in my initial story.  Tabitha and Dundee: A Story of Friendship tells the real life story of a formerly feral cat named Tabitha and her love for a dog named Dundee Boy. Dundee and Tabitha were great friends for several years until Dundee’s untimely and unexpected death back in 2010.

Tabitha and Dundee: A Story of Friendship

The cover!

If you read this blog you clearly know just how important animals are to me, especially rescue animals. I thought Tabitha and Dundee’s story was a great way to combine my desire to write a book with my passion for sharing the stories of rescue animals. I remember the first time I heard of Tabitha’s strange and charming obsession with Dundee Boy, how touched I was to see that kind of affection in a feral cat towards a dog. It is just so sweet! I am not sure when I decided it would make a good children’s book; it is a great story of friendship, compassion and love, as well as a fantastic way to teach kids the importance of caring for animals in the community.

Now that the book is written, I find I have the daunting task of trying to find outlets for selling the book. I have a brain for stories and animals, not business. So this is an interesting and exciting new time in my life. I never thought I would be approaching retailers and rescue organizations pitching a book I wrote I would be honored if you would check out the book, you can find it on and at and like my Facebook page. I hope this is just the first of many books about rescue animals.


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