O Crackers, My Crackers

Sorry for the delayed Crackers update. I’ve been a little under the weather and this evening is the first time I have had energy to write, or do anything for that matter.

So Crackers has been inside for 5 weeks and approximately 9 days. He has become a different cat. He is a happy, relaxed indoor cat! Now we still have a long way to go–he runs away if anyone moves too quickly or suddenly; he has yet to truly explore the rest of the house and hasn’t gotten nearly close enough to Muffin and Crash because they have the nerve to hiss at him. Poor baby doesn’t understand why the other kitties don’t want to be his friends! He appears to be totally in love with me.sneakers-2013-23

Because Muffin and Crash get all hissy and growly whenever they see Crackers I keep him locked in his room over night. This way humans can get a full nights sleep and senior kitties can move about as they desire. Crackers gets so sad when you lock him in his room. Every morning when I open the door he gets off his perch and starts rubbing himself against my legs. This is hysterical because his calloused paw pads still don’t allow him grip on the hard wood floors so he loses balance almost instantly. It is even more hysterical when he runs in front of me after I move. That’s right he’s not just content to rub on me as I stand in the room, he has to follow me, frequently blocking my path so he can rub on my legs. The last two days he has been so upset at my walking downstairs that he eventually followed me down.

He has done a little exploring, but honestly I think he is happiest when I am just there in the room with him. He especially loves it when I play with him. Playing with the feather or mouse toys are probably his favorite thing in the world. He appears to have a bit more confidence when I am around. If I leave for work or even just go downstairs to spend time with Crash I will come upstairs to see Crackers just sitting on the top of his cat tree looking bored and sad. I wonder if it just because he is shy, because he is scared of the other cats, or because I am just that extra security blanket.

sneakers-2013-14Crackers has also started to develop his own quirks, like using the litter box in my room instead of the litter box in his own room. If I leave the door to his room open he much prefers to enter my room and use the litter box in there than to use his box. Silly boy. He also has this adorable head bop thing he does when he gets really excited. He does this almost unnoticeable head shake side to side when he sees a toy or gets all worked up about breakfast. He also makes this adorable little chirping sound when he is checking out some place new. Honestly, he is nothing but a baby. He wants to be loved and once he discovers cuddling I am sure I am doomed! He plays like a kitten, he sounds like a kitten and he loves like a cat who has been desperate for a little TLC.


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