Becuase I Love Him

Perhaps the hardest thing I ever have faced writing is the adoption poster for Crackers. After much deliberation and weighing all the pros and cons, I have decided it is best to try and find him a home with another young, playful cat. He needs a feline companion he can play, chase and wrestle with. Crash and Muffin are certainly not candidates for this. Between Muffin’s negative reaction to Cracker’s mere presence, and Crash’s poor health, adding yet another young cat into the house is just not an option. index

I love Crackers. It will be so painful to send him off to a new home should the right one present itself. But because I love him, I must do this for him. He deserves a kitty friend. He deserves a home where the other cat isn’t growling at him simply for sitting there. He doesn’t seem to mind. He just looks at her and walks away. Crash and Crackers accept each other, but Crackers would love to play with him. All my sweet gray boy does all day is look out the window, eat, sleep and try to play. He’s like a fuzzy gray couch potato.  Crackers just doesn’t seem to understand the concept of the solo play toys like toy mice or balls or other such things. Catnip he gets. Feather toys on a wand he gets though he doesn’t always really play, more frequently he pounces then runs away to hide behind a different piece of furniture.  Sometimes he bats balls around, but mostly he just stares out the window.

Unfortunately, because Crackers doesn’t do much to get his energy out during the day, he gets a burst of kitty crazies around 3 or 4 in the morning. I haven’t slept through the night in weeks, it’s like having a small child in the house. Crackers himself doesn’t cause most of the trouble. It’s Muffin’s insane growling when she sees him at 4am that wakes me up. She gets up for a drink and he is sitting in the hallway, she screams. I wake up, separate them, play with him a little and then fall asleep. (I shouldn’t be playing with him, I know it just encourages things. The part of me that just wants to get back to sleep takes over at that hour of the night though.)


He looks happy to me.

He is happy enough though, that’s the main thing.  I just think he could be happier. It’s hard making this decision, especially since Crackers is so bonded to me. He follows me down the stairs when I come home or get up in the morning. He sleeps with me, and now has taken to sleeping on my legs. He is the sweetest cat in the world. Shy and reserved, just a big baby at heart. He wants nothing more than to be loved and have a friend. Crackers spent so much time outside, presumably alone, that he just doesn’t deserve to be without the kitty friendship he needs. He can come to love another person, of that I am sure.  I am not so sure I could ever forget a wonderful cat like Crackers though.


5 thoughts on “Becuase I Love Him

  1. janetblue says:

    We really wish you could find a way for Crackers to work within your household. He may eventually bond with another person if he moves on, but he trusts you. Can you use the Jackson Galaxy trick of wearing him out with hard play before bedtime so he doesn’t get up and scare Muffin. Can you separate Crackers and Muffin and reintroduce them again slowing using some of Galaxy’s methods. We’re just a bunch of kitties who don’t always get along but know that each and every one of us would be devastated if we had to give up our human mom. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

    • Katie says:

      I am trying some of those things. He doesn’t actively play when I try to play though. He runs from one piece of furniture to the next, or licks the toy to death! Part of the issue is Muffin wants to be an only cat so any cat is annoying to her, even her brother Crash. What it really comes down to, more than Crackers not getting along with everyone else, is that he is young and playful. He wants to wrestle (as he has tried to demonstrate on my hands many times) and there is no one to wrestle with. As I mention in another comment, Crackers is staying with my until I find a new home for him. My secret hope is that no one will want to adopt him and he can stay with me forever, and I can eventually get him a playmate. I just want what’s best for him, though it is killing me just to write up his adoption notice. In all honesty, I doubt he will go anywhere. Even if someone should be interested in him, he is going to hide as soon as anyone comes to meet him. And no one wants to adopt a cat they can’t meet. Mostly, this is just going to be a way for me to not feel that I was being selfish in trying to keep this beautiful boy to myself.

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