Celebrating Caturday the Feline Way

muffin-16It’s Caturday! Not only is it Caturday, but it is a rare Caturday off, and to make it even better I have no plans! No meetings, or errands or deadlines or mile long to-do list. Today is being spent snuggling with kitties, reading about kitties and writing about kitties. What better way to spend a Caturday? The weather is just about perfect. It is a comfortably warm 79 degrees, a gentle breeze, no humidity. Clear blue sky with lots of sun! A great day to read and take a nap with a kitty and an open window. The last few weeks have been crazy, between vacation, being sick and work I just haven’t had time for anything.

Today is all about relaxing, and kitties are great at helping de-stress and relax. I woke up with a Sneakers pressed against me. I have had Crash snuggles and Muffin’s prancing breakfast dance (that’s dancing between me and my breakfast, not dancing for her breakfast).  I walk upstairs and there is a kitty. Downstairs there are at least two kitties. Go outside and there are kitties! It makes me so happy to have so much furry love and company.

I haven’t truly appreciated all my cats in a long time.  I couldn’t tell you the last time


Lounging next to me while I write

I just sat down and truly enjoyed the company of my cats. The last few months I have always had something in my worry and stress over bucket. First it was bringing Sneakers into the house, socializing him and integrating him into the family. Then it was the commotion caused by our house flooding. Then worrying about Crash’s health and if he was dying, which was followed closely by stressing over vacation preparation. After vacation it was a bought with a nasty virus which I think I am finally seeing the end of. Toss in the constant daily stresses caused by work, traffic, and rescue work and there isn’t much time or energy left to truly appreciate anything. Especially when one is running from one thing to the next.

Something about being gone for a few days, then coming home and being down for the count really made me realize how much I wasn’t enjoying the cats. They were obligations. Extra bills. Extra hassle-driving to the vet, getting cat food that everyone will actually eat, giving medicines daily.  But over the last week or two, I realized just how much I haven’t spent time with them or enjoyed them. They are my cats. I love them. They should not be obligations. So today, I decided was going to be my day of rest. No errands. Limited chores (washing the litter boxes being one of the essential ones!) Just stay home, relax, read, write, watch TV and enjoy the company of kitties.

sneakers-2013-40I have bounced from one sleepy kitty to the next this afternoon. Sneakers seems so confused to have all of us home, he keeps looking at me like “Why are you here?” This morning Crash and I watched DogTV and he was fascinated by a fly that was bobbing around the screen to stimulate dogs. This afternoon while reading “Kitty Cornered” by Bob Tarte (something which I will discuss later) I had  Sneakers pressed against my leg again, almost as it that is what he has done his whole life. Muffin and I took some time together as well, though that was mostly her telling me to move from her chair or do something for her. Little Black helped me wash litter boxes outside this morning, and is ready for me to come out and play with her. Yes, even my feral cats need play time.

It feels so good to relax and enjoy the company of my cats today. It might just be the best way to enjoy a Caturday! After all, what are cats all about it not relaxing? Just another lesson I have learned from my cats.


5 thoughts on “Celebrating Caturday the Feline Way

  1. Kitties Blue says:

    That sounds like an exceptionally restful day. I can’t remember the last time I had a day like that, probably sometime last winter. I know the kitties loved it and are hoping you plan another day just yourself and them again very soon. Have a great week. Janet

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