Here we go again

Wednesday night I found Crash sprawled on the floor looking for all the world like he was dead, in a puddle of his own urine. There were clumps of fur everywhere. Sneakers apparently pounced on him while no one was around. Having witnessed how this plays out before, with no fur loss or accidents, I can only imagine how bad this particular one was. Crash must have been petrified;He is a frail, skinny cat weighing in just around 7lbs (he used to be 11lbs). Sneakers is a hefty 16 lbs spry and agile young cat. Crash stands no change in these games. It looks like he just gave up. He just laid there for several minutes after I initially saw him, so who knows how long he was there before I found him.

I just wanted to do good by Sneakers, instead it feels like I have betrayed Crash and Muffin. They have lost so much with his arrival. Muffin hardly comes upstairs anymore; considering how much time she used to spend upstairs sleeping and demanding attention, it is horribly depressing. Now, she spends most of her time in a small cat food box. She is safe there, Sneakers doesn’t see her there. If she comes upstairs at night, he always seems to chase or pounce on her. I thought things had started to calm down, but now I wonder if it is just that she isn’t coming upstairs so he isn’t bothering her.

Then over the last few weeks Sneakers has started to pounce on Crash. As he loses interest in Muffin he has become more interested in Crash. Crash, who a few years ago would have probably played with Sneakers, now cannot move fast enough to run away. Instead he lets out the most horrific, blood-curdling and pitiful sounding cries.

I don’t know what to do with them. I wanted Crash and Muffin to have quiet, peaceful twilight years. Instead, they have Sneakers, running around looking to play and disturbing them. Perhaps I didn’t think it out well enough when I trapped Sneakers. I guess I never imagined he would be so high energy. He always appeared quiet and calm when I saw him outside.

I plan on keeping an eye on Crash for the next few days and, if needed getting in touch with my cat behaviorist friend and mentor to see what she has to say. Sometimes you just need a third party who is not invested in the outcome to help you see clearer.

I know part of these “losses” are the cats reestablishing territory between the three of them. It still hurts though, to think I have cheated Muffin and Crash out of peaceful twilight years.  What I do know is this cannot happen again. If Sneakers keeps disturbing them something will have to change. And I fear to think it might be finding him another home. Because re-homing Sneakers would be so difficult, not only finding a home, but the adjustment for him and for me.


2 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Kitties Blue says:

    Sounds like Sneakers needs to be separated from Crash and Muffin. If you can’t do this, we really hope that clicker training works. He could really shorten the lives of Crash and Muffin if he is frightening them so badly. And it really isn’t fair that they can no longer enjoy their accustomed routine. Good luck getting everybody to a comfortable place with each other. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Katie says:

      Thanks for the support Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo (goodness there are a lot of you writing!) Now that he has gotten overly excited about playing with Crash, and Crash has gotten dramatic in his responses to Sneakers, I have started to separate them. I am working on playing with him more and hoping that clicker training works to calm him down a bit. So far at least, it seems this once instance was just a fluke. Probably because no one was around when Crash started screaming. I have only had once time when I needed to lock Sneakers up since then. So Fingers crossed for good solution.

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