Update on Crash

As I was going to bed last night I realized that I failed to post an update on my sweet Crash after his dental surgery.  I responded to a few comments, but failed to post anything in the blog. As you can imagine, a lack of update is a good thing! Crash is doing well. He came through surgery with flying colors!  He had his top right canine tooth out, and from what the doctor said it was just in time! His tooth, which he broke in half a few months back, was red and angry. It was also starting to abscess. She said it had probably been hurting him. My poor dear.

While he was under they took x-rays of his teeth and noticed that several of his other teeth are being reabsorbed. In other words the teeth are turning to bone. They don’t know why the body does this, it just happens with some cats. She said right now his teeth shouldn’t be hurting him as the reabsorbtion starts at the root and works its way up the tooth. If it ever breaks past the gum and hits air his teeth will hurt him though.  Because he has high blood pressure and heart issues though, they opted not to poke around, which would have potentially kept him under even longer.

crash-205He was so very, very drunk when he came home last week. He had this horrible doughnut on to keep him from pawing at this mouth. (The vet’s office was SUPER nice and let me borrow their ring, since I am there all the time!) He was supposed to wear that for a week. He was also supposed to stay locked in a room at least over night. Neither of those happened. He was so drunk and so angry about being locked in a room with a doughnut on his head. So he came out. Soon after he got his doughnut off. He was ever so happy to get that off, and finally settled down after that.  Thankfully he didn’t bother his mouth at all and in my “mom” opinion seems to be healing fine.

My other concern upon him returning home was Sneakers. Sneakers likes to play and explore and doesn’t always understand the fine points of kitty etiquette. I was worried he would pounce on or otherwise bother the drunk old man who smelled funny and had strange apparel on. Thankfully he didn’t bother Crash in the least bit. And once the doughnut came off, Crash stopped acting like a helpless victim (i.e. prey) so my concerns were lessened even more.

All in all it was far less traumatic for me than I was expecting it to be. Thankfully. Crash had his tooth pulled and came through just fine. He is no worse for his experience. Sneakers didn’t bother him. Everything went purrfectly!  Grateful this is now behind us and I can focus on enjoying all my kitties now!


3 thoughts on “Update on Crash

  1. Kitties Blue says:

    What wonderful news about Crash. At least it was a donut and not that terrible cone. So glad they decided not to tamper further with more teeth. Mom and Dad are not vey good about following vets orders nor or we after returning home from a procedure. Glad Sneakers was on his good behavior. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Maurico

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