Learning about TNR –From Costco

Chances are if you have ever cared for a colony of feral cats you have shopped at a membership warehouse like Costco.  There is no better way to stock up on paper plates and large quantities of cat food for cheap!  And if you can pick up a few of your groceries in the process why not save a trip?  Well now TNR advocates have another reason to like Costco- the latest issue of Costco Connection–Costco’s magazine for their members.  Tucked away inside the magazine is an article on Trap-Neuter-Return!  The article, titled Don’t fear the feral” appears in the October issue of Costco Connection.  You can check out the article here.

That’s right, your local wholesale warehouse is informing people about TNR!  I was shocked when my mom told me about it. First off I didn’t expect Costco to have a magazine, second off why would they be writing about TNR? So I checked out the article. The first thing I noticed was  the sidebar, which promotes National Feral Cat Day on October 16, and also lists a number of website resources for those interested in learning more about or seeing help with feral cats in their neighborhood. This article will reach a range of people who may not be aware of Trap-Neuter-Return or the problem of feral cats.  As we all know education is key, so to reach audiences who may not even be aware of the problem or the solution is huge!

As a TNR supporter I have to say I am impressed with the article. It is a sold, balanced article with some wonderful quotes from Becky Robinson of Alley Cat Allies.  The article talks about the benefits of TNR, the reasons some people oppose TNR as well as non-lethal ways in which individuals can keep cats out of their yard.  The article also cautions people from taking on care of a colony or feral cat lightly as it is a lifetime commitment to the cats you are caring for. It was a refreshing take on the whole TNR debate in a mainstream article. There were no slanted scientific studies. No raging against feral cats and their caregivers; nor against opponents of TNR.

I am excited to see Costco educating individuals about what TNR is and why it might benefit their community.  I can only hope that should feral cats take up residence on the property of a Costco club, the company will be as accepting and considerate of the caregivers.  (In doing a quick Google search I couldn’t find many stories of caregivers caring for cats on Costco property, though I did find a group dedicated to caring for Feral Cats at Costco. I hope this lack of information is a sign of cooperation with any caregivers!)


3 thoughts on “Learning about TNR –From Costco

  1. Evelyn Dale says:

    Thank you Costco for spreading the word about TNR/Community Cat Programs! These programs are a humane way to save cats and save taxpayers $$$$. When cats are removed from their community they are replaced by other cats. Intake, kenneling, feeding and then euthanizing these cats costs more than spay/neuter surgery. Jackson, FL, Albuquerque, NM and San Jose, CA animal services are using TNR to save lives and money.

  2. chris boehner says:

    thank you Costco for your article on TNR . I buy hundreds of dollars each year of cat food from our local santa cruz Costco store so I can help feral cats survive at our local beaches. I appreciate your article in the Costco connection.

  3. Kitties Blue says:

    Who knew? Good for Costco. We do not have one in our community so I knew nothing of this. I am a total supporter of rescue/TNR and work with a local group. Hope other large corporations will join the fight in supporting this humane way of dealing with cat over population. Thanks for sharing, Janet

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