Take Me Home Tuesday: Missy Ann

miss-ann-precious-pets-2Missy Ann is as sweet as she is beautiful. She is 2-3 years old and just loves people. This gorgeous long haired girl is eagerly awaiting a home of her own with Precious Pets Almost Home.  If you are looking for an affectionate cat to keep you company and greet you when you get home, Missy Ann is your girl!  She loves to talk to people and will probably respond if you talk to her. Missy Ann loves getting pets and curing up in laps but isn’t so fond of being picked up. Perhaps because being held messes up her gorgeous coat?

Missy Ann is currently in a foster home with another cat and a dog. She took a while to warm up to them, but now plays with the dogs in her foster home; she is accepting of the other cat. Missy Ann would probably prefer a home of her own, or at the very least with a quiet cat or dog for companion. She is not one for playing and running with other animals. Missy Ann does love to play with little balls, and bat at string toys. She also does well with the human children in the house.

Missy Ann came to Precious Pets after some school children found her and her kittens under a porch on the south side of Chicago. The students told their teacher who contacted Precious Pets. The students found Missy Ann’s kittens first; it was only after Missy Ann’s kittens had been admitted to Precious Pets that Missy Ann herself showed up looking for her babies. She was immediately admitted to the rescue group and reunited with her kittens. She was so happy to be reunited with her babies; she ran right over to them! Missy Ann’s babies have all been adopted now and we think it is Missy Ann’s turn for a wonderful home of her own!

Despite her wonderful personality and stunning good looks Missy Ann has had a hard timemissy-ann-precious-pets finding her forever home. Did you know that black cats and dogs are less likely to get adopted than their more colorful brethren? It’s true. Perhaps due to superstitions about black cats being bad luck, or perhaps because they just aren’t are colorful. Missy Ann is a true looker and a sweet soul. It would be a shame to pass her up simply because of her shiny black coat.


About Precious Pets Almost Home

Precious Pets Almost Home is an all volunteer, foster based rescue organization in Chicago. They care for cats and dogs, taking in from Animal Care and Control as well as admitting cats and dogs found on the streets. There are a number of benefits to adopting an animal from a foster home, including the ability to get to know the animal’s personality before adopting them. Foster parents will know all the personality traits and quirks of the animals in their care. You will also get a better sense of the animals’ personality as they get to relax in a home in a way they wouldn’t be able to if they were in a traditional shelter.

Precious Pets has also partnered with PetSmart  in West Lincoln Park to have some of their cats featured in the Adoption Center at 2665 N. Elston.   You can reach Precious Pets Almost Home at 773- 250-7141 or by e-mailing ppahchgo4u at yahoo.com. Be sure to check out their website and their Facebook page for more information about them and their adoption policies. 


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