Message from Sneakers

Hi. This is Sneakers, writing for Katie today. Just wanted to let everyone know I am holding her blog hostage. She has been gone so much lately, she says something about a Internet Cat Video Festival, and something about job interviews and a writing class and work so she can have money to buy us food. I don’t know what any of that means, other than it takes her away all day! What’s this money thing; is it some strange way of hunting? I just know she is gone all day and I miss her. So when she comes home, I demand my rightfully due attention. When she comes home she has to pet me, and rub me, and chase me. I especially like when she chases me. That is a fun game. I like running! My favorite game is when we play Bop Behind the Furniture. That game I run in a circle behind all the furniture in the room, bopping from one piece to the next and Katie chases me! It’s so much fun. Sometimes when I play it, I jump out at the other kitties. They don’t like me, but I really want to be their friends! I want them to play with me!

Where was I? Right, I am holding Tails from the Street hostage until Katie gives me enough attention. When she comes home, sometimes she doesn’t give me enough attention. She sits down in front of this puter here and doesn’t give me attention. This is unacceptable. So I told her she can’t write until she gives me enough attention. She never seems to manage to give me enough before going to bed though. She says she needs to give attention to Muffin and Crash, and that she wants to relax. What’s more relaxing than running through the house with me? I don’t understand humans. Not only does she not give me enough attention, she doesn’t even notice when my favorite toys are missing!

She did bring home this nifty new thing for sitting on. It’s great fun! It’s round, so my butt fits on it just perfectly, and when I am not sitting on it, I can scratch at it! Katie calls me strange when I sit on it. She thinks I’m not using it right. I think she’s wrong. Cats are smarter than humans after all, so if this is how I think it should be used, I must be right. I figured out how to put a picture in here, so make sure you all tell Katie who silly SHE is for thinking I’m using this thing wrong.


I know this blog is important to Katie, and all you readers out there are important to Katie too. Though I don’t quite get how that works, do you all live in this puter here? I wanted to let you know she didn’t abandon you, she just has to take care of me! She keeps saying “Life gets in the way” of writing, but really, it’s me. I want her all to myself! Maybe one day “life” will slow down and she can be home to give me enough attention and write. Maybe.  Or maybe I will have to take over for her. I don’t know though this typin is hard work.


3 thoughts on “Message from Sneakers

  1. Kitties Blue says:

    Sneakers, we have the answer to your problem. We take turns (you may refuse to do that…your prerogative) sitting in her lap while she types. That also gives us control of what she is saying about us. If you are not getting enough attention between sentences, either head-butts or blocking the screen or keyboard with your body works very well. Good luck. Just imagine how hard it is to get attention when there are eight kitties in one house. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Lisbeth, Astrid and Calista Jo

    • Katie says:

      Katie here. Sneakers isn’t very fond of laps yet. I don’t think he understands the concept yet, though he does throw himself on me sometimes when I am on the bed. I just have to chase him when I can and play with him as much as possible. Silly boy.

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