The world works in weird ways and sometimes awesome coincidences just happen. A few weeks ago, while I was on a bit of a break from writing, I had a strange experience that I have been meaning to share.  It was my second to last week at the pet food store I worked at. A lady walked into the store and asked where the cat food was. I showed her and gave her some ideas for food. We were talking about the benefits of different types of food, the benefits of wet versus dry, and which cans might be good choices for her cats. A pretty typical conversation. Then she saw our grooming room and asked about nail trims for cats. I told her we did them, no appointment needed. As we were talking it came up that she adopted her cats. I asked where she adopted them from and she mentioned the name of the rescue group I had been volunteering with. So of course I asked who she adopted. Turns out she adopted my foster kittens, Ben and Stormy!


Ben (left) and Stormy as kittens.

Ben and Stormy, along with their two brothers and sister (5 kittens in all!) were my fosters for about a month in 2012. I worked so hard to help them come out of their respective shells. Prior to coming to me they had spent all their lives in a cage. Coming to me was the first time they got to stretch their legs, look out a window, run, jump or sleep in a real kitty bed. It was the first time they had the option to approach people. (They had been handled and loved where they were, but there is a huge difference for shy kitties between approaching humans and being approached!) There was always something extra special about these two boys. I was drawn to them from the second I met them. Perhaps it was their stunning good looks, or perhaps it was that they were both more withdrawn. Ben in particular was so special to me and was really hard to send on his way. Usually when you foster kittens, you don’t have the benefit of meeting their adopters (unless the cats get adopted directly from your home). And I have never had the benefit of being in touch with the families who adopted my foster babies. It was a wonderful honor to talk with their forever mom and hear that they are thriving. To know that I made a difference in the lives of those cats, who in turn have made a difference to their new family, is just priceless!

Even better, I got to see Stormy (who is now named Spirit) when he came in for a nail trim. She was leaving as I came in for the day, so I didn’t get to see him for very long. It was a wonderful thing to see my boy all grown up into a big handsome cat. I am not sure if he remembered me; he was in his carrier kinda freaking out. I talked to him and tried to stick my finger in through the door for him to smell. He did come to the front of the carrier and was markedly more relaxed before they left though. I took her email address down and have been meaning to share pictures with her of the boys when they were tiny kittens!


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