Happy Birthday!

Crash here, stretching my old paws to take over the blog today. It’s easier to let Sneakers write, but I don’t trust him with this task. Today is our Katie’s birthday! Sneakers doesn’t understand the concept of birthdays, so I am taking over!  We are so excited for Katie!  How excited you ask? So excited we woke her up at 4:30! Well, that was all me, I was so excited I wanted to get started with a birthday breakfast!  I woke Katie up, which woke Sneakers up. He was so excited for her birthday that he started pouncing on me in the hallway, which was just rude of him. Katie must have agreed because she got out of bed. I thought she was getting breakfast for us, which would have been SUPER exciting. Then we could have taken a birthday cat nap, or had some birthday snuggles. No. She just picked up Sneakers and went back to bed!  That was rude too, so I ran into the room to make sure she didn’t give him snuggles without me! She said something about not being able to lock Sneakers in if I was there too, but I didn’t really listen to that.



I wasn’t about to give up on getting her up for her birthday, so I kept sticking my face in hers. She told me to go away.  Well I wasn’t going to take that! I kept trying to tell her it was her birthday and she needs to get up so we can have a fancy birthday breakfast. Katie didn’t listen. Instead she muttered something about a time change and Standard Time and falling back an hour. I don’t know what she’s talking about. I only know that my tummy said it was time for breakfast!  Around 6:00 AM Muffin finally got up. She’s lazy. Sneakers started pouncing on everyone again, which is just rude. We’ve told him we don’t want to play  but he doesn’t listen. The young whippersnapper!  Even worse was that Katie actually got out of bed again for him!  She wouldn’t get out of bed for me and I’m her baby! Hmph. This made me want to sulk. So when she actually finally fed us I wasn’t in the kitchen. I was sulking.  Which I guess made Katie mad, she was yelling at us about breakfast.  I didn’t think this was very nice. I just wanted her to get up so we could celebrate!


After feeding us Katie took Sneakers and went back to bed. She said it was too early to be up on her day off. I don’t understand  the problem, why doesn’t she take a nice cat nap later in the day? Maybe that’s what she did with Sneakers, if so, I don’t understand why she was so upset, there’s nothing like a good cat nap after breakfast!  We can’t wait to give her our birthday  gifts. I can’t tell you what we got her, in case she reads this before tonight.  I think she is going out with Mom today, they talked about going to a Planetarium, though I am not sure what that is.


Did you notice the pictures of us wearing birthday hats? We thought Katie might like those too. We would never allow her  to put REAL birthday hats on us, but pictures we can tolerate. Especially if it makes our Katie happy.  Hopefully our other efforts to make Katie’s birthday special will be better appreciated. And maybe, she will appreciate them enough to not give me those awful sub-q fluids. She says Muffin and I need them, but I don’t like them. Maybe if I give her a really really special birthday she will forget about giving them to me. She can give them to Muffin, that’s fine. Just not me!


One thought on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Kitties Blus says:

    What a nice birthday post, Crash. Sending all our best wishes to Katie for her birthday. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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