Here We Go Again…Sick Kitties!

Sick kitties are the worst. Muffin and Crash are both having flair-ups of pancreatitis. Strangely enough it is Muffin who is super sick this time, not Crash. Crash, for once, seems to have bounced back with a bit of medication and some prescription food. He is still probably not completely healthy but he acts normal and eats enough that I don’t have to worry about him. Muffin on the other hand hasn’t eaten well for days. She went to see the doctor on Friday and actually seems to be worse since then. She doesn’t do more than lick her food even with an appetite stimulant. She gets loopy from the appetite stimulant and the pain medicine. Combined they seem to have made her paranoid tonight. Tomorrow I will give a call in to the doctor and we will probably start her on antibiotics.

It  all started either very end of October or beginning on November. I took her in for a vet visit, which it turns out she actually probably didn’t need. (though it probably turned out for the best as you will see) Her weight was down a bit. Nothing to worry about yet but something we needed to monitor. I started monitoring her while she ate and noticed she wasn’t eating as much. At first I thought she was just learning from Crash and being super picky. Then I noticed she started vomiting. Not every day but it was frequent enough to notice and to start monitoring. Then about two or three weeks ago there was one day when both Muffin and Crash stopped eating. Neither one would touch their food all day. On top of that they both vomited quite a bit. I gave them fluids and nausea meds, it cleared them both right up! They both did it again the next week. Same day, both went off food and vomited. So I did it again and  it cleared Crash right up and Muffin got better but not as thoroughly or as quickly as Crash. She seems to have gone down hill since then.

I spent a week fretting about what to do with them. I talked with one of their doctors and we started Muffin back on nausea medicines daily, hoping that would help her. It didn’t. And earlier this week I noticed she really wasn’t eating much at all. I had hoped she would hold off through the week, since it was Thanksgiving and I knew the vet’s office would be crazy. Wednesday, of course, she just completely went off her food and I realized she couldn’t wait. I called the vet and we decided to bring her in Friday. Of course on Thursday Crash completely went off HIS food as well.  So I have been getting her to eat just enough food to not be concerned about fatty liver disease and administering subcutaneous fluids. It got her through to Friday when the doctor saw her. When we weighed Muffin on Friday she had lost a pound since the start of November. Muffin has held steady at between 7 and 8 pounds her entire life. She is just barely over 6 pounds now.  The doctor and I formed a plan of attack, which we hoped would get Muffin and Crash feeling better over the weekend. Crash, as I said, seems to be feeling better. He is getting anti-nausea medicines, pain medicines, appetite stimulant and fluids; this seems to be helping him enough where he will eat the prescription food and maybe a little regular food. In fact the appetite stimulant worked so well that at 2 AM Saturday he woke me up frantically looking for food. He was RELENTLESS! So I did what any good mom does when her baby is ill, gets up and feeds him. (This of course woke Sneakers who in turn thought HE needed to eat…so everyone, including myself, ate something at 2 AM except for Muffin.) 

Muffin has been getting anti-nausea medicines, pain medicines, appetite stimulant and fluids as well. She is goofy as can be. Whenever she can the past two and a half days she has plastered herself to my chest. She just wants to be held. Which is very strange for her. She sleeps in her bed all day, which is also strange (she normally follows my mom through the house). She is clearly very restless when she gets her medicines and she spends lots of time fidgiting. She has not eaten nearly enough food this weekend. When I talked to the vet Saturday, she said what Muffin was eating, combined with subcutaneous fluids should be OK to get her through the weekend. Clearly Muffin can’t keep this up though. She needs to heal. I am so worried about her. If nothing else this is reminding me that Muffin is indeed mortal. We joke around here that she will live forever. She can be so crotchety  and sometimes downright mean that we figured she would just be too damned stubborn and nasty to die. She has also been much healthier than her brothers.

I just hope that we can get her started on some medicines Monday that will make her feel better. I have never had two cats this sick at the same time before. It is certainly an interesting balancing game. Trying to monitor their eating and health, providing them with attention beyond giving them medicine AND making sure I get Sneakers his share of attention so he doesn’t bother either Muffin, Crash or the Christmas Tree (which is a whole different blog post, which I will write later.) Add to that the fact that I was at a convention this weekend, which left me hardly any time at home, and you have an exhausting weekend. Please keep my poor girl in your thoughts so she can get better quickly.


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